"Ayaba Making Noise Since 15BC-Before Christ"(Germany) When In Germany Do What The Germans Do! Idiot

2 months ago

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Always want his voice to be heard…You all are no victims! Germany did not come to Cameroon and put a Gun to your heard and forced you to migrate to Germany…Idiot!
If you go someone’s house and you do not like their house rules, then all you have to do is leave…Instead of telling the person how they should run their house…think you can around telling people what to do and how to live their lives…Mr know it all…Idiot!
The democracy you so much want to build in southern cameroon knows color, then why are you killing your own people with the same color as you? For ONLY One reason, You do not see them as important because of their color so they can die…Idiot!


The Struggle Continues

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