AYAH Paul ABINE’s HEALTH CONCERNS The AYAH FAMILY wishes to express their sincere gratitude to the …

1 year ago

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The AYAH FAMILY wishes to express their sincere gratitude to the gendarmerie unit at SED that saved AYAH Paul ABINE’s life following his detention as from Saturday January 21 2017. We sincerely say: THANKS. The family is equally, wholly satisfied that Ayah’s ‘new’ cell is airy and in a more healthy and humane environment.

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However, there are still a number of concerns:

1. Two weeks since the cardiologists recommended that Ayah should be brought to her medical cabinet for an in-depth examination, there is still to be compliance.

2. In the same line, there has been no compliance yet with the ophthalmologist’s similar recommendation for two weeks now.

3. Furthermore, Ayah’s blood pressure which arose dramatically in the first two days of his detention has not subsided since then.

4. In addition, although Ayah’s sugar level has dropped from 119 to 114 after a week of daily 30 minutes physical exercise, there are concerns that a potential rise is feasible.

5. Ayah has equally developed other ailments due most likely to his sitting for about 18 hours per day in the cell.

The AYAH family strongly holds that for Ayah Paul Abine to be able to face any possible process against him, the latter MUST be alive and in good physical and mental condition.

We therefore pray for Ayah Paul Abine’s release on bail on health grounds and in the interest of justice.

Done this day, Tuesday, February 07 2017
Read and approved of by the entire

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