One thought on “Ayah Paul interacts with his Fans on Delly TV. Very interesting conversation.”

  1. From the beginning of this father full of wisdom's explanation, I asked my self why was he taking us back from when he started school. But as he came into his carrier as a civil servant with the Gov't of La Republique, I then understood why he went this far back. This are to tell you how long we the Southern Cameroonians has been suffering in the hands of LRC. We have been psychologically traumatized in this union for a very long time. Yet those who set us up in this union don't seam to understand instead still continue to claim we must be together. Why didn't they fuse us to stay with Nigeria in the pass but only now with LRC?. Do they think we are that stupid?. Now is the time to tell them all that, "we are not turning back after this war". Until our independent is restored".

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