Back to the Roots; Sacrosanct and Sensitive Truths about the Southern Cameroons Liberation Struggle!

4 months ago

The people of the once independent state of Southern Cameroons also referred to as Ambazonia are more and more coming to terms with the reality that we need a change of strategy to prosecute our liberation quest, from re-colonization by neighboring French-speaking Cameroun. After some 4 years of activism and advocacy, some of the approaches embraced have shown their limits and require an overhaul. Particularly, the existence of interim governments has become a cause for concern; a concern that needs to be speedily addressed. This is the substance of this conversation. Watch on!


The Struggle Continues

18 thoughts on “Back to the Roots; Sacrosanct and Sensitive Truths about the Southern Cameroons Liberation Struggle!”

  1. If worthless toxic scamming Samuel Sako & Chris Anu don't change their terrible attitude of turning Ambazonians against other Ambazonians, they'll spend the rest of their pitiful lives on exile once Ambazonia is liberated from LRC.

  2. As time went by, the Interim Government idea seems to be bad, and has been taken by outcasts Sako and Anu to impose their will on and scam naive Ambazonians.

    My fellow Ambazonians,
    Nobody; but ONLY GOD knows everything.
    Don't simply believe everything you are told. Always make sure you ask questions, so you can understand things better, and have reassurance that the person speaking to you know what he (or she) is talking about, and you're not getting fooled.

  3. JMA, how can you convince SCnians that you are not also a sophist?
    JMA, is the so-called Sako IG not also educating SCnians about their state and SC personality? Do well to bring out the lies that Chris Anu has been creating and propagating about the realities of the SC, historical, legal, etc
    JMA, what about your own lies? Can you be honest and courageous enough own up to them ….and possibly justify them? Or maybe you are the only saint in this revolution….

  4. Thank you Comrade JMA…. I salute your intelligence… Everything you have said is actually true about anu and his lack of consistency or let me rather say his manipulations….. Mr anu is showing us the dark side of his shining face.

  5. JMA u knew all the lies but never came out to debunk them why now??? Ayaba Cho has caused a lots of lives lost in this struggle but u stayed silent why??? You guys are the ones derailing this struggle there was a need of creating an IG n while Sisikou was projected as the president, u guys never even loved him so why now??? If u guys can't form a unique canopy n work together, then this struggle will fail woefully bcoz of too much hatred amongst urself n the NW/SW boundaries… I'll like u(JMA) to know that you've never debunk the wrong doings of any frontline leader from NW I think u guys should do everything possible to reconcile His excellency Sisikou n Dr Samuel Sako for this struggle to take back it's shape… This is not the time for condemnation but rather reconciliation n one sound free spirited Ambazonians

  6. Comrade JMA, thank you for such hard facts. Indeed, you remain a professional and a journalistic guru that I fell in love with since your ill-fated days at 'Canal Mendo Ze'. They should seek counsel about interim governments in exile and stop this disgraceful infighting and insults in space!

  7. John Mbah Akuroh remains the only prominent personality in this struggle that is always true to himself. Some ask questions if he thinks he is a saint, if you ask me, I will honestly say Southern Cameroonians or Ambazonians have constantly avoided paying attention to his warnings and revelations and we keep paying the price very dearly. Let us decide to go back and start watching his messages one-by-one and asking ourselves if this is not the prophet we keep asking for, but whose wisdom we are not exploiting enough. Almost everything this man has talked about has been revealed to be true, they all come to pass. We must now courageously stop and look back. When I think if that famous video of 12/25/2017 I feel so ashamed because I am one of those who insulted him beyond imagination. It took only three weeks for me to realize how stupid we all were. Then when what he warned about happened, instead of admitting and using that opportunity to learn, we turned around to accuse him that he was talking because he was plotting to betray AyukTabe.

    If we fail to benefit from JMA's wisdom today, we shall have only our eyes to cry tomorrow. We should just stop all this surrogacy and face the reality before us, that is the only way forward. This is the man we need to listen to keenly and work with at this critical time.

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