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Les dernières nouvelles vous apportent les dernières actualités dans le sud du Cameroun, alors que la crise socio-politique continue de secouer le pays. Nous vous apportons également les dernières nouvelles du monde, abonnez-vous à notre chaîne pour connaître les derniers événements dans les régions camerounaises du sud (anglophones).
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The Struggle Continues


  1. So lrc according to tibor, is a rich,with the citizens living affluence, with 99% of lrc living in abject poverty, every 30 secs light ceases in lrc, what good can come out from banana republic like lrc

  2. The right of self determination is equally applicable to the Southern Cameroons as independent Trust Territory whether the United States like it or not. The people of Ambazonia shall determine their destiny not biased and corrupt outside powers that only look for their interests or indirectly support the interest of another power, in this case colonist France.

    Ambazonians, do not forget that our motto has always been that we have to achieve our freedom and independence by ourselves. We have made known to this corrupt and dubious so-called world powers that even without their support, we gonna make it.

    Nothing than the total freedom of our people shall calm us down. Let's stand up together for our common destiny and let no one tell you, you can't do it.

  3. Its difficult for the international community bc part is for Cameroun and the other is for the southern Cameroon that is why he said he wishes that the international community will be unified on this and he also said it is possible to break Cameroon but they are for united Cameroon bc they dnt want another country that will be full of suffering why do you say bad news it is certain if things continue like this certainly will not be for the benefit of the French Cameroon you all think it is just easy to split a country or group of people who have lived for long? There are certainly many consequences that comes with that.

  4. Sanctions does not stop the killings Mr man. Ur philosophy is personal and should only be applied when it concerns u and ur underage children. Democracy is about free speech and the will of the people. Where have u kept the will of the people? I didn't know it was about ur philosophy. U are clearly saying that the whites created democracy for themselves. Can u ever made that kind of statement about America if they were in such a crisis with another state? Will u inquire from the people what they want or will u impose ur philosophical will on them? U sounded like the real dictator. When it comes to the blacks, u dictate, when it comes to the whites, u don't. We are not ur slaves. People spent their time blaming president boys and protesting against him for nothing. Behind the scenes, this are the real devils controlling this world. African president are their puppet. If u serve their interest, u will say, if not, they will cast u out. Even the white color of their skin can't hide the darkness of their hearts.

  5. Tibor Nagy unfortunately has lost his credebility concerning handling issues of African politics particularly corrupted Cameroon Government. How is it Southern Cameroon affairs what happened to Nigeria?. Does this mean injustice has been legalised by the US?. Shameful!.

  6. Dear people of Ambazonia the overall agenda of the west has always been to use blacks to wipe out blacks. The worse is yet to come but only Justice and true feedom from France and lrp can save us

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