Baka Pygmies Traditional Song – Cameroon

9 years ago

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After tramping 70km through Nki National Park in the congo basin rainforest in Cameroon, we stayed the night at the Baka pygmy village on the outskirts of the park. One of villagers, Pierre, was our guide. The next day they performed some traditional music for me. They were infatuated with the videos i took 🙂 It was an amazing experience.


The Struggle Continues

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  1. @bioarcheology Your an African American? You type English well, did you learn it in Africa or when you came here? Also, I didn't know you could have duel citizenship… 

  2. I am an African American male no I don't have dual citizenship in fact as a black man I claim the whole planet. Your attempt to make light of my conversation is indicative of most weak mind White supremacist. I don't just like being a black man I LOVE it.
    Africa is the birthplace of all Humanity and I will never be ashamed of that. By the way I am also of Cherokee and Irish decent. God bless your simple mind.

  3. Simple minded S.O.B
    YOU need to know that Africa is a continent and not a single nation and therefore I cannot be a dual citizen of a nation USA and a whole continent

  4. @bioarcheology Nice reply! I'm on my way to stay with my Baka brothers and sisters right now, but my African heritage is from about 70,000 years ago. We all share the same ancestors if we go far enough back. One Love!

  5. @motherthirteen I might be missunderstanding what you say, but if you mean about their big bellies, that is because of malnutrition which is a serious problem in Africa. 

  6. @MARAFSH Cheers! I'm not sure how you'd go about hiking there on your own. I went as part of an internship with my master's programme. I was put in touch with a local NGO and went into the forest as part of a wildlife reconnaissance outting. It's very tricky being a tourist in Cameroon, in the east at least. I wish I could be of more help! 

  7. pygmies were the original inhabitants of the African interrior from the West to Central and Southern for many many years. The Africans today of West and Central , the non pygmies i mean only came there recently. They came from the Nile Valley Uganda to Egypt corridor Ethiopia and Yemen to the west and displaced these pygmies and probably learned how to adopt to the environment from them.
    I know this cuz pygmies are found in almoste every central african nation right up to Nigeria,

  8. i know pygmies were in Nigeria cuz they still exist in our legends, tales "of dwarfish peoples" and if u watch Nigerian films a demon usually appears in the form of a pygmy. The modern africans are just tall people from Eastern and North Eastern Africa/Middle East the home of tall peoples and displaced these shorter blacks. Diop related in his book how the phoenicians attempted to open a colony arriving at Cameroun and were met by pygmies. I wish Cameroun and Nigeria were one nation

  9. Get to Yaounde, capital of Cameroon (you can fly there). Ask a taxi to take you to Alliance Voyages in Mvan and get a ticket to Yokadouma. It will be up to you to explain to people what you're doing there, and most people will assume your after diamonds, gold, uranium, human bones etc. Most people are very poor, but if you are friendly, generous, and can put up with "demand sharing" there's no reason you shouldn't go back packing there. I'm not saying it will be easy, but its worth it!.

  10. I agree Tamaduni, this people don't have all bills to pay like us in the so called modern and civilized world. No bills = no worries. My Mother and Father were born in villages. They are the happiest and nicest people in the world.

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