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Bamenda pekin over like kiss

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Bamenda pekin over like kiss

Courtesy of… Miskine Idrissbuitch || 2018-02-13 20:25:36

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  1. Wander shall never end

  2. Fanka Bazil says:

    WO man go lala people

  3. Tengen Waka says:

    U’ve paid 1000f to kiss the picture of an occultist.

  4. Ashiao them t00 for lagar money say kiss ah .

  5. So the inscription on their T.shirt is in bamenda language?

  6. All this work na for take the 1500frs so?

  7. Kuwong Jnr says:

    Even plywood na kiss chaiiiii

  8. See dis fools whona di kiss die man small time when whona no married or born pikin whona go say Na whona big Mami ma just hear

  9. This kind foolishness fit only comot na only one country ….lrp

  10. Princess Kim says:

    This are francophones

  11. Idiot na LA Republique girls them.fool

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