3 thoughts on “Bar. Michele Ndoki and 41 others from The Opposition party (CRM) arrested in Douala.”

  1. Terrible this is pure Dictatorship, where is the right of peaceful process, why were they Arrested.. were they attacking public institutions or carrying guns, what's? citizens of Cameroon have rights abroad more than in their country. Government officials concentrate more on corruption and dictatorship rather than advancing the Country. It is a shame.

  2. Francophones, soulevez-vous! Prennez les armes et chassez ces bandits du pouvoir. Soit vous luttez contre l'armee coloniale avec les armes, soit vous resterez pour toujours les esclaves de ces bandits! A vous le choix!
    Anglophone Federalists, is THIS what you want us to remain VICTIMS of ??? Even after SO MUCH of our BLOOD HAS ALREADY BEEN SHED??? Be very careful !!! I'm warning you, BE VERY CAREFUL!!!

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