40 thoughts on “Barred Owl Calls To Mate – Amazing Vocals”

  1. I have dozens of these beasts in the forest behind my property. They get to sqwalking sometimes, and about a dozen will get up into my giant hickory tree. They will sound like a flock of parrots up there. It's always dark, so all I can see are the outlines sometimes. The first time I heard it, I got a little freaked out. How can an owl imitate a parrot? Now I have some baby ducks and I know owls will eat anything, night or day, so I have to stay wary. Love that nature.

  2. Wow this is soooo cool..I moved dien to from NY Long Island to s.c. in June if 99 and I would go out at night when kids are in bed and here this owl all the time and doing different calls and this was one of calls!!! I've never seen an owl do this and now I know witch kind if owl it was..this is sooooo amazingly cool thank you so much!!!!

  3. Thanks for posting. I have been listening to this right next to my house in Michigan, with another answering from across the street. I wondered what they were… now I know. Exciting to think they may have little ones soon 💕

  4. Camping out in Barkhamsted Ct. On Farmington River .Not sure if it was a barred owl, but at about 4am was woke up by something similar. It sounded more like a dog. But similar pattern. Must have been some kind of owl.

  5. I love their call and this video is beautiful. I'm playing this now for a barred owl off in the distance. Location: Diamond Point, east of Sequim, Washington.

  6. Finally…a high-quality YouTube video filmed by someone who obviously has an amazing camera. This has to be the best looking video I’ve ever seen on YouTube – not to mention, I love the content and plan on broadcasting the audio over my Bluetooth speakers for my owls at work and also the next time I hear a Barred Owl near the house.

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