Barrister Fru Equinox TV. “not surprised at kidnappings.They started by kidnap of SISIKU AND CO.

11 months ago

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Fearless and outspoken lawyer-Barrister Fru John Nsoh on equinox TV:-
“I am not surprised at the rampant kidnappings. The government started it by going to Nigeria to kidnap the leaders of anglophone movements. Same as government started killing anglophone protesters on September 22nd and October 1st. As if not enough, Biya again declared war on the two regions in November. Now they are crying foul. For 56 years Anglophones have never kidnapped anybody. Why only now?” #EquinoxTV


The Struggle Continues

3 thoughts on “Barrister Fru Equinox TV. “not surprised at kidnappings.They started by kidnap of SISIKU AND CO.”

  1. Barister Nsoh, you re a hero. others think, leaders are only the ones we have in diaspora but we keep telling them that, we have leaders like you on ground zero. we worship together in your congregation and I will bow before you soon as some of us keep praying for your guidance with this lrp devilish govt cuz we ve been following you up for long on most of your equinox round table programs. our lord is with us until Buea.

  2. You this stupid ambassador of France who are u?, to go around and forcing or bring this stupid ideas of joining Bamenda and Bamfussan and Douala and Buea u have failed big time . Go and bring lousy french forces to come and join us. You french people are full of Stupidity. I guess all the resovoir under the ground in France is still haft way full , so u guys still need some time to steal more oil to fill it up. The time is drawing nearer that nonsense is going to stop.

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