1. Please Mr Elite Smith you as well know you are also lying by saying that the people just want the dishonest Gov't of La Republique to go back to 1961 Constitution. It has proven that they can't live together applying the 2 Nations on equal basis. So the both must go their separate ways.

  2. We are living in a world of forms. It’s a petty that the world sits and watched the killings of the English minorities in Cameroon(Abazonians) and stay quiet. God will prove you all wrong in this crisis because, the people of Ambazonia will have their independence. Their independence is nonnegotiable, its has been ordained by God. Jesus Christ will fight for all the innocent people who have died in this crisis, their tears and blood will never go in vain. Jesus Christ protects the oppressed, he protects the truth. I petty my francophones brothers who thinks, that their government is right.

    This is your government: they have developed speed that they shut theirselves in, the think too much and feels too little. Above all, they are a gang of greedy fools, greed has poisoned their souls and they have lost the way.

  3. These are not two countries that came together, this mith is the biggest contributing factor to the violence by the separatists. This was one territory administered by two world powers. If the Americans are running southern Iraq and and French running northern Iraq, that doesn’t make these two areas two nations. Cameroon doesn’t ban anybody from leaving, they can always emigrate, but the territory is indivisible

  4. What a biased journalism.You pointed out about a handful of military killed without talking about the military carrying out ethnic cleansing on behalf of the government.More then 1000 ambazonians have been killed yet no one talks about.Ambazonians are simply restoring their independence which is non negotiable.

  5. Eli smith you always tell it on the francophones forum that they are dishonest .but here you u had the opportunity with bbc but you decided to lies. Doing same as the francophones. So you think the ambazonias are shadying blood just for a return to 1961 or federation or change of government? Have you too been bought over by lying chiroma? We have experimented all what you said but never worked.so you really believed that various government will stop diaspora? Soon we de diaspora will not only find but come home to fight. Disappointed with the lies you just told on bbc

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