1. Nous avons besoin d'un soulèvement sérieux en Afrique subsaharienne comme le printemps arabe. Il n'est pas normal que quelqu'un comme Biya, arrivé au pouvoir à un très jeune âge, ne souhaite pas passer le relais à une autre personne et va profiter de sa retraite en paix. En Afrique subsaharienne, à partir du Cameroun, de la Guinée équatoriale et du Congo Brazaville et le président tchadien, ils ont tous des gangs contre leur propre peuple. Il est temps pour eux de partir. à commencer par Paul Biya du Cameroun.Le printemps arabe évoque les soulèvements démocratiques qui se sont déroulés indépendamment et se sont répandus dans le monde arabe en 2011. Le mouvement est né en Tunisie en décembre 2010 et a rapidement pris racine en Égypte, en Libye, en Syrie et au Yémen.

  2. This guy is a waste of space. 8-10 million people out of 23 million he says one fifth, 40 people killed??, Two countries became one maybe he can show us a document anywhere supporting that…oh well its BBC.

  3. Bbc gots all its facts wrong about the cameroons. Cameroun present never got its independence from germany soo yoi cant start the country histiry from germany. Its governmental history as all african countries starts on the day of its independence. From france. Without southern cameroons which had its independence from uk via UNGA VOTE..cameroun as a former german COLONY or territory solely is a fraud. German kamerun map comprises togo chad southern cameroons french cameroon. Gabon ewuatirial guinea. Soo whats the use that you are using German territory here? As though its the same small french cameroun territory bbc you are FAKE news

  4. Not regions bbc .but 2 countries. And never united but cameroun invaded southern cameroons dince theres no treaty signed with the 2 countries when two independent countries forn a uniokn .theres atreaty to be signed but that never hapened soo what rivht does cameroun have in placing its army in southern cameroons and having its adminustrationon douthern cameroons territory. Bbc you are very poor in your analysis abd facts

  5. is a bbc journalist.He is just reporting infavour the country he is working for.The British Gov't is Silence where are they caused this problems,and they are still behind this problems.They just signed deals of hundreds of billions of Francs CFA.whereas Anglophones cameroonians are left to perish in deep equatoria rain forest.God is watching!!!!

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