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  1. @tdredz2 Nice to see that Rastas aren't actually all cool and relaxed, just a bunch of post-colonial wankers who have constructed a ridiculous sexist homophobic pseudo-Judaic cult around the DEAD loser Haile Selassie.

  2. I don't think that they should be killed, but I do not accept this life style The simply fact that he was molested proves that this altered his ability to be whole.

  3. @mbukukanyau Rubbish, you ignorant dogmatist: the science is piling up. When did YOU chose to be straight: every time you see an attractive man, do you CHOOSE not to get an erection?

    Fucking garbage and savagery. Get an education.

  4. @mbukukanyau I'm sorry but you sound not only ignorant but utterly stupid. No one chooses to be gay. Did you wake up one day and decide to be straight ??? Please educate yourself before attempting to sound like you have the slightest idea what being gay entails. You have no idea the suffering so many people face daily because of ignorance

  5. 4) That is to control those who turn out not to be like you. What if you the reporter is to be gay, what will you do with your life? Take a moment to imagine if you were. What if you are poor, a bank robber, a greedy politician, whatever. Do we simply just persecute those who are not like us?

  6. 3) I find it inconceivable that millions of people in the world are wrong same time such as homosexual. In this modern day Nazism where homosexual around the world particularly countries with high illiteracy like Kenya faces same thing Hitler did to the Jews makes you think it’s not about sexuality but control.

  7. 2) Africans like to run their societies with iron-fist, intimidation and aggression where necessary. The simple truth is that homosexuals are everywhere in the world and every corner of the face of the earth and they are humans like anyone that deserves respect and understanding.

  8. 1) Molested people maybe coincidently gay but many straight pple also are abused. So two heterosexuals who are abuse are not subjected to same questions as two gay but for you to emphasis on that is to try tell your suggest to your listeners that person can be changed that is biased. John, you are not that well informed about homosexuality and those gays in your country are not that educated to give an articulate answer.

  9. hey you Morther fucker you cant just say black gays and lesbians are unAfrican well I have news to tell you man grow up and get a life .
    by the way you so called hertersxuals are so paththick and stupid you know fuck all about gays .the only thing you know is about the name homosexuality in fact you dont even know how we live

  10. yes we gays are actually born that way in fact why dont you make friends with gays and lesbians then that will open your eyes for sure .
    I know i was born gay so get over it and grow up ,man


  12. @steerpike66

    Human kind is a fine variation pool of biological, environmental and social…

    From (1%male/99%gay) to (99%male/1%gay) and any combination in between.

    With a (1%male/99%gay) person, biological factor is so strong that he has no choice but being gay, and vice versa

    But in between, people within 40%/60% then other factors would be in play such as environmental, social, psychological… there is a choice definitely.

  13. Of course if yiou are gay, you have the choice as to whether you want to perfom sexual acts according to your desires, or be miserable and repressed. But it's inhumane and wrong to ask others to make that choice based on outdated religious notions of sexual purity AND it is highly dangerous to ask people of strong libido to refuse and sublimate their passions, which will then erupt into violence and rage.

  14. @SuperOldbaby Then explain how gay people appear in the midst of intensely homophobic cultures and are brought up by parents who instil anti-gay sentiments in them at every turn and then throw them out of the house when their homosexuality becomes evident.

    Sheer nonsense; your ideas don't stand up to a moment's scrutiny.

  15. @remyn9 No, heterosexual African men are the leading spreaders of AIDS; that's why all their wives and children have it: have you SEEN the AIDS rates in Uganda and Malawi?

    AIDS is not a gay disease: it is a disease spread by PENIS: and promincuous men and rapists of any orientations spread it most effectively.


  16. You can choose to be openly gay. You can choose to pursue gay sex. You cannot choose your sexual persuasion, which is internal and powerful. It is wrong and inhumane to ask people to deny their persuasion or to act against it or to suppress it. People of strong libido of either orientation who sublimate and repress their desires will become violent, self-loathing and a danger to themselves and other people. sex is a release, a bonding ritual and is essential for mental health.

  17. @steerpike66 "it is a disease spread by PENIS" That is incorrect. Aids is spread by any exchange of biological matter. Blood transfusions, sexual intercourse even poking your finger on a needle infected with Aids, is enogh to contract the disses.
    "LESBIANS ARE COMPLETELY SAFE FROM AIDS" Simple minded assumption. Lesbians contract the Aids virus just as easily, when they share sex toys.

  18. @steerpike66 "Gays are wired prenatally, in the womb". Really? Then how do you explain that some people are bisexuals? If "Gay men differ biologically from heterosexual men" like you say, then there should only be gay or straight. How come some people are both?
    Not to mention all the people who became homosexuals later in life, and even some who turned straight, after therapy.

  19. @steerpike66 No offense but that is not a very smart question.
    Like i mentioned before there are MANY ways of contracting the aids virus,not just sex. It is very possible for one of the lesbians to get it from another source,or from another perhaps straight relationship. Bisexuality is just as often found today as homosexuality.
    That i was pointing out in my comment is that lesbians CAN contract the virus from intercourse with other lesbians.
    (There are also lesbians that have multiple partners)

  20. @Hidframe the homosexuals late in life and all that jazz
    listen it has been proven that therpy to"change someone orientation" is damaging to people in all forms. its not healthy
    We cant think in black n white
    there are some humans born gay
    there are some humans born straight
    others it takes time for them to identify with their sexuality
    some are asexual not attracted to either sex.
    some are pansexual
    the world is complex and people are not in black n white in categories.

  21. @Hidframe I do belive that sexuality is predetermined no one chooses to be gay or straight
    or flip it like a light switch.
    sexuality is fluid we cannot box everything in. thats what
    i think people fail to see. Its predetermined
    For somepeople they understand this early in life
    somepeople its takes alil longer.
    when it comes to bisexuality my feeling is it just people confused
    or experimenting until they come to a sexual orientation they can
    identify with.

  22. @Hidframe and if they reminan bisexuals then they will remain like that finding
    comfort in two sexes.Now if its a choice then are you saying you would choose to be
    gay tomorrow, you can't choose something thats not in your nature. you are right
    about lesbians however.

  23. Gays are not born that way…they have a deficiency from birth,, they didnt get love and closenes in their first days of life, this is crucial for an infant, this anomaly can be corrected though….they choose to be gay ad we should not allow it in society

  24. Is it such a simple subject; to be discussed from a biologist's perspective using paradigms that are as absolute and inhumanly rigid as those used in scientific descriptions? Can you really say that the only reason that you find women attractive (I'm assuming you're a heterosexual male) is because your biology says you should? I don't think so, because that would mean that (hypothetically) some violent accident or toxic chemical could possibly affect your biology in such a way that you turn gay.

  25. Clearly being gay is NOT. A choice! Why would these people subject themselves to "living in the shadows" if being gay were a choice.. I just don't get this world they worry about the wrong things like who's sleeping with who etc etc LOOK T RHE BIG PICTURE we all have bigger problems

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