Best 100 Catholic Hymns and Songs (African Collection)

1 year ago

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Best 100 Catholic Hymns and Songs (African Collection)

Priestly People 00:00:00
We shall go up to God’s House 00:05:29
Into Your Sanctuary 00:10:29
Behold Among Men 00:13:30
Anyi abia Ikpo isi ala 00:15:07
Kanyi Jee n’obi Eze 00:17:20
Let us go to the house of the Lord 00:20:19
Ya Ubangiji 00:23:50
Gloria in Excelsis 00:27:31
Daukaka ga Allah (Gloria in Hausa) 00:31:44
Ara egbega (Gloria in Yoruba) 00:3824
Gloria in excelsis deo 00:43:38
Gloria in excelsis deo 00:47:49
Otito diri chineke (Jude Nnam) 00:50:11
Otito diri Chineke (Fr Ben Agbo) 00:55:54
Glorious His Triumph 00:59:58
Do you believe 01:03:47
I believe in One God 01:09:26
Obong Amanam 01:14:59
Ose Oluwa sanu Jesu 01:19:31
Kaine Komai 01:29:25
Kabiyesi O 01:34:26
In Thanksgiving and Love 01:39:22
Consecrate Our Gift 01:44:22
Receive Our Gift 01:48:36
Take and Sanctify 01:52:51
Yamba Yamba 01:58:10
Thanksgiving of Amazing Grace 02:02:15
Som Too Chukwu 02:06:28
Singing to the Lord 02:11:39
Sai Kuzo 02:17:09
Onye bu Eze Ebube 02:22:39
Oru Chi bu Kwangbe 02:28:16
Meza Ya Bwana 02:37:50
Mungode Allah 02:43:24
Me zan Baka 02:48:35

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21 thoughts on “Best 100 Catholic Hymns and Songs (African Collection)”

  1. My my my!!! Whew! I came across this priceless collection by chance, and… I stopped searching for non-stop music to play whilst writing my programming code, and settled in. Whoever put this collection together did me a world of good. God bless you wherever you are.

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