Best Of African Wedding dance

4 years ago

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this is Good . We taking it to another level. Don’t forget to click subscribe for more clips. 🙂

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“Анастасия Соколова”;
“erotic dance”;
“а strip plastic”;
“best dance world”;
“Pole Dance”;
“Ibiza 2014”;
“Anastacsia Sokolova”
“Got Talent (TV Program)”
Dancing “Pole Dance (Sport)”
“pole dance”
“erotic dance”
“strip dance”
“Стрип дэнс”
“Екзотик дэнс”
“Танец на пилоне”
“Пол дэнс”
“Strip Plastic”
“Трюки на пилоне”
“Акробатика на шесте”
“Pole sport”
“Pole acrobatic”
“Sport girls”


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  1. I like the dances nomater they are copied frm other cultures bt the goodness of the world is that everything we do we advance it frm smne who started it …..Kip on Copying kip on Inventing ..bring anythimg Old or new as long its nicely done and Will Entertain everyone

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