28 thoughts on “BIAFRA : God Showed Me Freedom Celebrations In Biafra & Ambazonia In The Dream. Joseph Okechukwu”

  1. Praise be to the Almighty God, Jehovah, for He has done us well!!! Thanks bro and God bless all Biafrans and supporters. The Republic of Biafra is here to stay forever in Jesus name. Amen!!!!!!!

  2. Failed and stranded nollywood actor is struggling to discover another way of becoming relevant again but failing along that line. You are becoming sick and Nnamdi kanu did it, perished without resistance.


    Great Greatest Biafra Nation Exit or Death or Death or Death

    my great super powerful supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu my King

    zoo zoological nigzooria is already confirm death

    great people of great children of great Biafra we are the children of great high Almighty Chukwu okike Abiama and a children of Light a nation with blessings of Almighty Chukwu okike Abiama

    it is time that great Biafra have to Exit and Leave Nigeria the zoo zoological nigzooria British UK government that have be already confirmed death the marriage between Nigeria and British UK Biafra is over

    Mr President Trump
    Mr President Putin
    and Mr Netanyahu ISRAEL PM
    UN EU AU Chain

    please free my great Leader Dr Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and great Biafra Freedom to stand and Exit great Biafra

    my name is Biafra my Nation is Biafra i want to leave in Biafra and die in great Biafra land

    we great Biafra we need to stand for Biafra and die for Biafra not for other country i am with our great super hero Sir Dr Mazi Nnamdi Kanu my fantastic Leader

    we have to stand and fight for our great Biafra nation

    togetherness we must fight for our freedom

    togetherness we must fight for our future

    togetherness we must fight for our generation

    togetherness we must fight for our great biafra Land Biafra

    togetherness we must fight to Rise and hug our great Biafra flag in unite of our great Biafra Nation


    Buhari and British UK thief, killer and Father of boko haram terrorist attacks

    God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu God bless Mazi Uche mofre God bless Great Greatest Biafra Nation

    Let great great Biafra GO
    Free Release All Biafra FREE our great super lead Dr Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

  4. Yes my brother YAWHEW is given us another chance to return and worship HIM where our fore fathers have failed him and brought the curse of Deuteronomy 28 upon us , Yes HE has forgiven us and the Deuteronomy 30 will be our new inheritance in YESHUA's mighty name amen

  5. Liar you are… Everyday you make mouth online without actions. Continue selling lies to your gullible followers. I'm from igbo race. But I hate sweet mouth. Take action. Stop this sweet mouth and stop preaching hate….. Stop lying and repent your way. You are not Israelite stop the cheap lies. So many ritualist in the south east and you shouting Christian nation.

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