1. South eastern our brother's and sisters please let us unite to defend ourselves and our land's, let us protect our children's and wives from the danger that's coming ahead. Let us fight for Biafra freedom.

  2. Isee! Isee! Isee! to all your bold affirmations Mr Oraka!

    Your outrage is not even being expressed by our governors and politicians with the same vehemence you show. It is FFK our Yoruba brother who is demonstrating the visceral but controlled outrage that our Governors should display without prompting or equivocation.

    Imagine if armed robbers formed a Union and were bold enough to demand that the Governor and police commissioner grant them the authority to form vigilante groups to checkmate angry mobs in their targeted zones.

    That's what it has come to.

  3. This is for people that believed IPOB is insulting the Igbo elders to know exactly what's the so called Igbo elders, they colluded with the CRIMINALS that called themselves Igbo governors in the persons of Willyfred Obiano of Anambra, Ugwuanyi of Enugu, Almajiri Umahi of Ebonyi, Rochars Okoloawusa of Imo and Okehie Ikpeazu of Abia States, they, John Nwodo and his ohaneze ndi aruruana invited those TERRORIST groups into Eastern Nigeria. Mieti alah is the 4th most deadliest terrorist group in the World by the UN, now are you still in doubt why no members of ohaneze ndi aruruana lead by John Nwodo, and the governors cannever be RESPECTED by not only IPOB but any well mean Biafran, they are the PEOPLE'S ENEMIES, I am from Anambra State, Willyfred Obiano MUST pay for this insult on us, how and when, never mind, it's a debt he MUST pay at anytime.

  4. Thanks for your contribution, this was exactly what i told some folks that we from SS are united with SE, we have to form a common front, because they they've conquered the middle belts, their last target is SS, Any attempt against SE is equally against us all.

  5. The best for us from the SS is to form alliance withe the SE to restore Biafra, they can't achieve it alone neither can we, the earlier the better. Those northerners have taken us for fools for too long.

  6. Infact my brother I don't know what motivated these nonsense and foolish stupid request for the igbos to allow the worst enemies of igbos since the civil war until this day, are they ones to come and do a vigilant security for they igbos and biafran people , the igbo land is about to be bought with the enemies, this is the ultimate time to stop this enemies of igbos and biafran people, let the bakassi boys come back and wage against this government agenda on the igbos and biafran people. wake up igbos, wake up igbos, wake up igbos and biafran people wake up, wake up and defend yourselves and the land of igbos and biafran people.

  7. I stand for a Biafra, Oduduwa and Arewa tripartite. The so-called "Nigeria" appellation was nothing more than a geo-political western fabrication to seize and infiltrate. By the way, I just learned about the story of our Igbo ancestors that resisted being enslaved here in the u.s. There is a coastal site in the state of Georgia named the 'Igbo Landing'. The site is commemorated by African americans to uphold the spirit of self-determination our Igbo ancestors' demonstrated. If need be that same Igbo self-determination will magnify itself in 'Biafra Land' once again.

  8. Our governors are to blame, they opened up the door for the Hausa-Fulani terrorists herdsmen bastards rapists to infiltrate the Biafran land by taking and accepting material wealth from Hausa-Fulani terrorists, thereby selling the Biafra land and all her inhabitants. Biafran governors are not intelligent, they are bunch of dumb brains. They are traitors, and have been sabotaging Biafran efforts by coneiving with Hausa-Fulani to use operation python dance against our people. Our governors brought operation python dance to Biafra, therefore, all the Biafran governors must be killed, we have to clean up our land. They must not live if not Biafra will not come because they will keep sabotaging Biafran efforts.

  9. My Brother, Magnus,
    God bless you and ALL your household. You see, one can NEVER do anything against the truth. Never.
    I wonder what is going on in the minds of people like Ohaneze Ndigbo, Obiano, Ugwuanyi, Ikpeazu, Umahi, Okorocha, Nnia Nwodo etc now?
    Imagine the boldness and audacity of these Fulani killers?
    Who do they think they are?
    In my land? For what?
    Are they no more men in the house?
    They will SOON realise that they have made the worst demand of their lives. Their confidence has deceived, misled and destroyed them. People can ONLY tolerate so much, AND my people have had enough.

  10. I hope say you no dey chat all this chat for your pocket? Make you no do all this asari style o.. talk is cheap ,go swear oath and become an IPOB member.. I go collect your watch if you fuck up Nembe biafran says so ..

  11. Sir , why are we waiting for more provocation from this people? , Sir I want to let you know that every plan has been concluded by this people. Whatever thing or plans to deal this people should be deployed immediately. I saw this revelation Osgood times.So it's already a concluded plane. Our people should do that which needs to be done quickly. You will remember this comment. Only God can intervene ok.

  12. God bless and protect you my brother. I admire the brevity in you to come out boldly and speak the mind of the majority people of the SE and SS. That secret agenda is unworkable. What is condemned on earth is also condemned in Heaven.

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