1. Buhari/Osinbajo or what you call your self. Nigeria has expired 1914-2014.
    better divide the zoo now or faces civil war soon. Let ODUDUWA/AREWA/BIAFRA go their separate way of life.TIME IS LIMIT AND BIAFRA MUST GO BY PEACE OR BY WAR.

  2. I G P IDRIS, most be fired. This is an insurance scam. The owners of those vehicles and the Nigeria security agents set those vehicles ablaze, with 2 motives.
    1, They want to criminalize the peaceful IPOB members, 2, Those vehicles are too old, there owners want to make an insurance claims through this criminal act.

  3. BIAFRA NATION must be free from all the mess done by hausa Fulanis nigeria government. Imagine everywhere is dead trap. God bless bless Biafra nation and Biafrans around the world iseeeeeeee!
    All hail Biafra!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. please tell Nigeria government that ipob are more intelligent than them. let buhri and his jaihds brothers do whatever they like and tell Nigeria that ipob did it lies lie. all their evil against biafra people will fall

  5. Just because of BIAFRA oil & gas natural resources, the greedy Britain assisted and sponsored the Zoo Nigeria, during the Biafran war in 1967-1970, but still could not defeat the BIAFRANS for 3 years,during the war.
    BIAFRA referendum or 2nd BIAFRA war loading…..
    In this present age, the sovereign nation BIAFRA must be restored.
    It is a task that must be done !!!!!


    Great Greatest Biafra Nation Exit or Death or Death or Death

    my great super powerful supreme leader Mazi Nnamdi Kanu my King

    zoo zoological nigzooria is already confirm death

    great people of great children of great Biafra we are the children of great high Almighty Chukwu okike Abiama and a children of Light a nation with blessings of Almighty Chukwu okike Abiama

    it is time that great Biafra have to Exit and Leave Nigeria the zoo zoological nigzooria British UK government that have be already confirmed death the marriage between Nigeria and British UK Biafra is over

    Mr President Trump
    Mr President Putin
    and Mr Netanyahu ISRAEL PM
    UN EU AU Chain

    please free my great Leader Dr Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and great Biafra Freedom to stand and Exit great Biafra

    my name is Biafra my Nation is Biafra i want to leave in Biafra and die in great Biafra land

    we great Biafra we need to stand for Biafra and die for Biafra not for other country i am with our great super hero Sir Dr Mazi Nnamdi Kanu my fantastic Leader

    we have to stand and fight for our great Biafra nation

    togetherness we must fight for our freedom

    togetherness we must fight for our future

    togetherness we must fight for our generation

    togetherness we must fight for our great biafra Land Biafra

    togetherness we must fight to Rise and hug our great Biafra flag in unite of our great Biafra Nation


    Buhari and British UK thief, killer and Father of boko haram terrorist attacks

    God bless Mazi Nnamdi Kanu God bless Mazi Uche mofre God bless Great Greatest Biafra Nation

    Let great great Biafra GO
    Free Release All Biafra FREE our great super lead Dr Mazi Nnamdi Kanu

  7. All Biafrans in Nigerian security forces wake-up.
    All Biafrans in European land wake-up.
    All Biafrans in all African land wake-up.
    All Biafrans in America wake-up.
    All Biafrans sports men & women represent Nigerian wake-up.
    All Biafrans in media power wake-up.
    Don’t allow yourselves to be used as political weapon against your own people.
    ……Buhari cannot kill the spirit of our struggle and resistance……Biafra must COME!

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