Biafrans watch – Nigerian Army VS Amnesty International

2 years ago

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Fellow Biafrans, friends of Biafra, and lovers of freedom, I plead with you in the name of whatever you hold dear to patiently watch this video. See where a retired Army Colonel confirmed that Nigeria killed 3 million Igbo-Biafrans and that they do not want to kill another 3million. Please, please and please, watch this video till the end and tweet it, Facebook-it, email it, whatsapp it, share it widely. Thank you for agreeing to do as requested. This colonel shot himself (and Nigeria) on the foot with all his responses. He was very specific that they killed 3million Igbos unlike Buhari who always say “3million Nigerians died” thereby confusing people as per who actually died: Igbos only or a combination of Igbos and Nigerians. He also accepted the fact that Nigerian military are trained to kill but could not explain why the military is being deployed to internal civilian matter instead of the Police. Please share this YouTube video very widely. Thanks.


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18 thoughts on “Biafrans watch – Nigerian Army VS Amnesty International”

  1. This speaker should please short that trash, you are telling the world what you have in document and not what you practice. the Nigeria army is never professional in any way, it is never accusation, there are facts about the conduct of your troops, they killed un-armed Pro-Biafrans. The AI is not in anyway antagonizing Nigeria, the truth remain that AI has submitted their founding to the world.

  2. Northerners are lazy and wicked. If you go to do business in their area you will find out that many good things are there ,they can not see it.when you start to progress they will tell you to go back to your land or they will kill you.
    It's in best interest of Biafrans to have their nation back.

  3. I wonder why such a stupid uneducated man like this should be given such a time talking rubbish. He can't even answer questions neither to cultivate a solid cover to the so-called Nigerian Army he is defending. NGOZI, I think this is a waste of time and resources which should be avoided next time. Or don't you think this man dey fall una hands? Having this kind of human being with such ill outcomes he produces is an insult to those of you who are learned. The so-called army is trained to kill INNOCENT people, and Police is trained to injure and humiliate INNOCENT folks… Chai… It's obvious, Nigeria is a sinking ground and her mouth is open to swallow all these liars called themselves RULERS!!! WICKED MEN

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