12 thoughts on “Big Leak From Two Francophone Generals And The Big News From The US Senate On Ambazonia.”

  1. House cleaning,remember Flight Lt Jerry RAWLINGS.Eric ,great exposure of treacherous behaviors .Comrades should put our revolution first my dangle with negativity and lies.How can Capo and co sell our revolution?Sad and unspeakable.Thanks Eric for pointing out such disdain games carried out by trusted comrades.

  2. Eric, honestly I admire u in all ur presentation. But sometimes I get so worried when u get so personal. Remember u guys are all activists and none of u have the votes from the amba people. I do not know much about ayaba personal live just I do not know u but I have seen him fight for amba. Pls stop the blame game and stay focus on the target, we ve just one enemy. It's wisdom to talk with ur comrade behind the curtain if u think they do wrong

  3. Eric you're the man , God bless you our hero. , The truth( Jesus) was buried for 3days but the grave couldn't hold him captive. Thk you ma man for standing on the side of truth to expose evil. All these thieves will be brought to judgement sooner or later. The day of reckoning is fast approaching where the wicket will have no hiding place

  4. You are very much loved because you tell the truth. Continue to come out more often and tell nothing but the truth. I support you 100%. You are great and real. God sent you to serve all Ambazonians. Ambazonia FIRST. County by county. Don't worry about the insults, we pray for you daily. So much money has been used by those scammers, thieves, power HUNGERS. Our President and others who are in jail today because of them. They want to do the same thing to Sako. The blood of Jesus is covering you Eric Tataw and Sako and you all are in the hands of the Lord with angels watching over you . You energize our spirits because you are doing an excellent job. Remain focus and tell the truth at all times.

  5. Eric, l honestly want to thank you for all you do for the struggle. I fear for this revolution for the lies, scamming out here while people are genuine and suffering in GZ. We need an honest, nonpartisan activist like you to constantly spotlike and zoom the inside partisan affiliates to expose these lies and scamming of our people. It is painful to see that we have gained our independence and instead of claiming and owning it at this momentous moment, some in the diaspora, for some selfish reasons are determined knowingly on not distroying it. These actions really make us look funny and a joke in the eyes of those we are seeking support from. As an educator put here, we know how "The West" reasons and look at us. These actions and behavior of some of us just help to reinforce the stereotype. There is help put here but we must do some housekeeping and echo a common launguage before an outsider finds room and peace in our house. Mr. Tatow, keep up the good work, you are genuine, honest, real, compassionate, empathetic, committed and you have a great heart for the struggle. I personally will keep on praying for you. Our behavior is embarrassing, to say the least. I know God's time is the best. I say thank you.

  6. This eric tataw guy is sick. Francophones will never fight each other so if u think u can creat confusion among us u lied. The only thing we r interested is the crushing of ambazozo n it will happen so all that ur nonsens talk is becoming ridiculous. No kmer general can write nor talk to u.

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