Black Bear News Live Stream (Boo!) – 10.31.19

8 months ago



Here’s a List and Map of Wildfires Burning Around Southern California
Southern California Wildfires Fall 2019: Here’s a List and Map of the Major Fires

Jurupa Valley brush fire erupts after police chase ends in fiery crash; structures destroyed amid evacuations

Disillusionment and economic woe stoke Pakistan protests against Khan

Chilean president cancels Apec and climate summits amid wave of unrest

Iran asks West to leave Persian Gulf

Iraqi protesters pack Baghdad square, anti-government movement gains momentum

Macron crisis: Key yellow vest figures demand Macron meeting ahead of Nov 17 anniversary

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23 thoughts on “Black Bear News Live Stream (Boo!) – 10.31.19”

  1. Dammit, missed the stream by mere minutes! Would've been there to heckle for sure :o) Oh well, maybe next time. Kevin. Might be a good spot to get yourself a proper respirator before they're sold out (again) in entire California, like they were during the wildfires of the past few years (actually, was it the last year's one or the year before that when the air quality was 3 times worse than Beijing at its worst! Woo hee, COPD, asthma, permanent lung damage, anyone?!)… I'd recommend a Scott brand one (sorry for sounding like a doomsday-prepper-Tupperware-pusher, BUT they're the ones you'd probably want to trust your lungs to as they're meant for professionals in all kinds of fields — I've also used them whenever I've needed to use a respirator at work). With exchangeable filter capsules, the frame pretty much lasts a lifetime and the shelf life for unopened capsules is long too. I think I paid like 30EUR for the frame and the exchangeable capsules are around 20EUR a pair. In USD, that's probably pretty much 1:1… Not too bad of an investment if you want to, well, for example: breathe, should the s(h)ituation escalate. Anyway… Stay safe, good man. I really hope you and your loved ones are and will stay safe. All the best, Captain! o7

  2. Jailing the pipeline activist girls for so long, as a glaring example of the ramping up of charges against protesters that disturb the fossil-fuel extraction mechanism, tells me that the veil is dropping on our pretend democracies, pretending not to be the authoritarian corporatocracy that the western civilisation has become. They will keep the machine of civilisation running on coal, oil and gas with them making the rules themselves. They will destroy this fucking planet as long as they squeeze just a bit more money out for themselves. As they pull the strings on the puppets we call "our politicians".

  3. “This disruption likely also occurs elsewhere, as neonicotinoids are
    currently the most widely used class of insecticides globally,” worth
    more than $3bn year, they said.

    Prof Olaf Jensen, at Rutgers University in the US and not part of the
    research team, said: “This study, although observational, presents
    compelling evidence. A fishery that was sustainable for decades
    collapsed within a year after farmers began using neonicotinoids. This
    is a large and astoundingly fast response.”

  4. Enjoy most of your stuff except the Contrails which seems a peculiarly US preoccupation
    Biggest problem is Climate Crisis and Corporate Capitalism the two are inextricably linked

    On live stream Why does audio only come through Left channel? Blue tooth Headphones this is only channel it happens on?
    I often think there is no audio till I stick left headphone in right ear
    I am Deaf in Left Ear
    Any ideas about causes of Insectageddon & pollution e,g, Diesel Particulates ? or is it just Temperature changes

  5. Heavy news. Good work covering it. I subscribed. Please take a look at my channel if you get a chance. I'm working on simple easily repeatable messaging that we can all use to cut through the media's massive under reporting of what is happening to our environment.

  6. In the news today, they banned fracking in the uk. What. The. Fuck. A sensible decision ! But it smells fishy if you ask me. When did the opinions of experts and safety of the proles ever get in the way of big business. Maybe its just a popularist move from the tory fuckers before the election. Whatever the reason you can be sure zombie island will be looking around for other fossil fuel reserves and lucrative trade deals to bolster its economic growth

  7. While 110 years in prison is not entirely a bluff, it kind of is, as the bad publicity for the federal government and the states of North and South Dakota in carrying this out would be priceless. The point of the extreme charges is to get a guilty plea to charges in a range of what the government really has in mind, somewhere around 10 years. If the activists are provided good legal counsel, they should fight this; people often plead guilty when all they have are crummy public defenders. No one should ever volunteer information to the police, regardless, even if it means getting beaten up or worse. Doing so helps the other side.

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