BLM's Global Reach: A Look at the Roots of Black Activism in Germany

2 weeks ago

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Last May, George Floyd’s murder stunned the world, leading to protests in over 60 countries and the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter movement. In Europe, thousands marched against racial injustice, at home and abroad. Angry protestors also toppled or defaced statues of colonialists in a number of cities.

One year later, how have European activists carried the momentum of the summer of 2020? With a focus on Germany, we look at the ripple effect of BLM and the roots of Black protest in Germany. Even before BLM, groups such as Initiative of Black Germans (ISD), Afro-German Women (ADEFRA), among others, have fought for justice and equal rights.

Guest Speaker: Dr. Tiffany N. Florvil, Associate Professor of History at the University of New Mexico and author of Mobilizing Black Germany: Afro-German Women and the Making of a Transnational Movement

Moderator: Edvige Jean-François, Media Consultant and veteran journalist of CNN and Associated Press Television News.

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The Struggle Continues

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