Although difficult to swallow, the Air Jordan 1 High Dior White Gold is clearly getting closer to its more popular high-end rival in the mid-term. In the past few months, this silhouette has provided some of the brand's best colors, and this is the same in the upcoming "Grey Wolf". At first glance, some people will quickly quote Dier. However, apart from the gray suede covering, the two are completely different. They chose a light blue cardigan and matching skates. Elsewhere, white leather balances the palette, appearing on the toes, midplane, collar and ankle flaps, and on the top of the tongue.

New Jordan is the world's first sustainable basketball shoe, the craftsman of Nike Cosmic Unity. It can be said that Swoosh's "moving to zero" initiative has been driven by boundless innovation and creativity. The movement continued, and the brand re-examined the Nike Space Hippie 01, using "huge gray" and "electric green" palettes as lifestyle silhouettes. Similar to the recently disclosed "carbon green" Nike Space Hippie 01, the neon "electric green" is used to offset a softer base. The upper part of the space waste yarn presents a "huge gray", which makes the outline of the above-mentioned green applied to the lace circle and sewing stand out. The black circles on the heel and tongue further create the graphic appearance. The eco-conscious style is entirely a bulky crater foam bottom, and its design is different from every pair.

In the years since Nike was founded, a large number of well-known reference materials have been accumulated, some of whom may have forgotten, or do not know at all. Nike Air Max 2090 SE Black Metallic Silver ,But after Huarache Air's "Escape" came out, the brand indulged in an inspiration that will soon expand with more publicity. Here, Air Max 90 will follow suit, slightly adjusting its past version. Colorway is actually a remix of "Escape 2" (Escape 2) launched in 2003, using many of the same tones and features. For example, Quarter and Mudguard use similar dark and light brown colors, and their positions are opposite to those of the two above. ,Although Swoosh may show the exact same shadow, the base is completely unique, subverting its toes, collar and lace unit, and its black is different from the inspired white finish.