The Wedding Day occasion is currently ongoing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons and if you’re trying to search out all of the new Buy Animal Crossing Bells gadgets, then you definitely aren’t going to want to miss out at the Wedding Wand. 

If you’re looking to acquire the Wedding Wand and upload it in your collection, then you’ve were given a piece of labor to do. Available as a unique item in the Wedding Day event, the Wedding Wand will only be rewarded to you once you whole a certain number of photoshoots with Reese and Cyrus.

In order to get the Wedding Wand DIY recipe, you’re going to want to complete the first seven days’ worth of photoshoots. Once you've got completed the photoshoots, you will need to move inner to Harvey’s wedding set and communicate to Cyrus. Instead of right away jumping into the furnishings purchase display screen, Cyrus will thanks for all that you’ve achieved after which provide up the Wedding Wand DIY recipe as a reward.

Once you’ve discovered the Wedding Wand DIY recipe, you may go beforehand and craft the object itself. You’re going to need three Star Fragments and 1 Wedding Flower Stand. You can buy the Wedding Flower Stand from Cyrus and then the Star Fragments may be acquired by means of Animal Crossing Bells for Sale wishing upon falling stars at night time.