As early as June, there was news that Social Status would reopen a partnership with 2021Sneakers. The subsequent "The Dunk Low" was ostensibly aimed at children, referring to the free meals provided to underserved communities in the summer. Specifically, these two color schemes use a magnifying glass to include the milk carton, citing strawberry and chocolate varieties through a vibrant color lens. Today, these two colors are back in the spotlight, because they will also design clothing for the mid-slam dunk later this fall. Except for the height, these two materials are similar to low-top materials and almost fully meet the specifications. Suede, leather and softer textiles are scattered throughout the building, with the same colors as above. In terms of branding, the labels of Swoosh and tongue still carry the endings of GEL and Tyvek, although the text on the inside of the heel is far less short. Instead, it shows a larger list of ingredients, as follows: "Nike sportswear, social status, milky white TPU gel hook, YY velvet, diffuse Nubuck, microbial textile lining, Tyvek label, round twist poly shoe band."

2020 Air Jordans is one of the latest claims of this outdoor sports brand, but it has gained a large number of enthusiastic followers for its sleek design and all-day comfort. Synthetic and mesh panels make up the upper of the entire model, while Nike's reactive foam provides time-tested cushioning. The airtight airbag makes the second Nasu a worthy choice no matter whether it is off-road or in the city, and the newly surfaced "grey fog/metal silver/melon color" color scheme makes it a fashionable product. Although a bit more modern than the original EQT Racing 91, the silhouette still has the same DNA, while sporting a more cushioned Boost sole. The background color is white, the background color is neutral, and there are two different colors. The first tilt is quite close to the ZX series, inspired by the blue tones of the "Aqua" palette, the popular yellow, and subtle navy accents. The iconic heart-shaped logo made by mankind and the slogan "The gear of the future youth", then, here and the accompanying replacement add the talent of collaboration. But when its counterpart becomes brighter, the pair becomes darker, instead choosing soft black, gray, and earth tone panels.

Latest Jordans News ,As the world waits for the decline of the Nike SB Tokyo Olympic series, the brand has not lost its relationship with independent skate shops around the world. Australia's PASS~PORT is the next team to line up for their Nike SB dunk high. Wearing monotonous colors is reminiscent of hiking boots, and the newly emerging pair has furry suede and durable nylon construction. The prominent ropes are obsessed with brown and yellow tones, appearing in the main orange-brown/olive green arrangement throughout Nike dunks. Although eye-catching, the most important details of the proposal reach the top of the tongue, the lateral heel and around the spine: PASS~PORT abandoned the traditional tongue label and instead adopted a combination of embroidered co-branding and pull-tags; a gardener-like The character uses this check mark as a shovel; the pull tab is a series of hands that look like they are pulling a rope. Finally, the black midsole and the translucent patterned outsole further accentuate the monotonous, earth-like makeup.