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Leaders and members of the Biafra Nations Youth League, BNYL, were live on Radio Biafra International, RBi, on Saturday, 29th February, 2020.

The BNYL National Leader, Princewill Chimezie Richard introduced those in the program among which are, BNYL Admin, Godstime Ntukidem, National Coordinating Officer Freeborn Ogheneovo, Ebonyi State Leader Kelechi Young, Enugu Chapter Prince Enoch, Rivers State Chapter Prince Chinuji, Southern Cameroon Chapter Prince Nuyit Hycenth Chinozie, and he read out a message of apology from the Deputy Leader, Ebuta Ogar Takon and also apologized for the absence of the Chief of General Staff Linus Essien and Chief Press Secretary Richard Odung.
BNYL Leader explained what the group’s Ekukunela Declarations is all about, according to him, it contains four major things affecting our people today, there are the British Conspiracy, Splitting of Biafran tribes into Nigeria and Cameroon especially the Ejagham, Boki, etc, the blockade of Biafra over Bakassi Peninsula, the denial of Biafra identity by Biafrans, he said the resolution also contained the line of approach of the movement which includes defense of Biafraland.

Question as regards to how the BNYL intends to challenge the jihadists invaders were put forth by Mazi Anemene, the BNYL Leader responded asap, he blamed the easterners for playing divided politics against the interest of the people. Richard said that the proposed community policing format which the Southeast Governors have adopted was against popular demands, he hinted that the people of the East prefers a regional security outfit that they are fully in charge of, not a kind of Enugu State forest guard which the Governor handed over to the DSS, the BNYL Leder also stated clearly without mincing word that the position of the BNYL is that of self defense, according to him, self defense are two different types, one is fighting back prepared when conscious of an attack, second one is when you are taken unawares commando action is applicable, he said if taken unawares the then a counter approach should be applied, he announced the National Convention of the BNYL coming up in Cross River State on the 12 April, 2020, adding that all members of the group from their respective locations across the Southeast and South south will be mobilized to the venue, he disclosed that among the agenda is to pass an order, an order which he did not explain further.

Reacting, Prince Nuyit Hycenth Chinozie of Southern Cameroon spoke from Bamenda, he started by narrating his Igbo root, his prison experience in Cameroon, and the collaboration that exist between the BNYL and Southern Cameroon’s separatists, on the issue of herdsmen he said the only way out is for the BNYL to carry out its plans and not wait for the Political class, using what happened in Cameroon as example. He disclosed that he is coming for the first time to Nigeria with other Southern Cameroon’s separatists to attend the National Convention of BNYL.

RBi raised the issue of the Delta killings recently and the accusations by Governor Ifeanyi Okowa that the Military aided the attackers, responding Prince Chinuji of Ahoada Chapter, Rivers State said that the elders have refused to support reprisal actions, to him, the BNYL is capable of doing anything that will push them northward, he expressed the displeasure that the Rivers State and Bayelsa are not responding massively in support of the struggle but however thanked the BNYL for the grassroots program held in Ahoada in July 2019.

Reacting further, he called for more synergies between the various pro Biafra groups, he said BNYL does not and will not discriminate.

Ebonyi State Chapter Leader, Kelechi Young and National Coordinating officer Freeborn Ogheneovo were not permitted by network to speak.

Concluding the program, BNYL Admin, Godstime Ntukidem said that the time for protests, and conferences has gone, he narrated his experience in Port Harcourt during the IPOB protests that turned bloody saying this does not move the enemies, he said it was time for Biafrans to emulate the style of the Ambazonians wondering whether it is only in Nigeria that we have herdsmen, he added that other countries have herdsmen why is it that the Nigeria herdsmen kills people, Ntukidem who also used proverbs sang an Akwa Ibom song which he later explained the meaning and according to him, the meaning is what BNYL stands for, he said the group is ready for commando actions, he talked about the National Convention which he said will be a convention of action and not a convention where people come and speak grammar and go that the league will be engaging all the members and instruct them, he listed the cost of organising the event and pleaded with listeners to assist BNYL achieve its purpose, explaining that the League is anxious to send a terrifying signal across days after the convention.

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