23 thoughts on “Breaking: 22 west African countries support Biafra separation from Nigeria.”

  1. The real matter is not Biafra separation, it would be good if it can be achieved because Biafra has been ignored for to long.

    The issues is having the right leader and the question is who is pulling the strings?

    It's really upto who is pulling the strings if they will like to see us progress.

    How can you say that the whole of Africa not even one good leader because there is a body pulling the strings.

    African leaders most be tried by now having such a poor representation because leaders and their countries are respected when they countries are doing well.

    Don't matter how much one sell out, they aren't going to like or respect you.

  2. Nations with only one ethnic group are more stable than multicultural countries. What is really important to know is how Igbo people are about to organize their nation. Every single nation has to be united by one ethnic group, one indigenous language and one culture. That's the fact. A lot of African ethnic groups are very unexperienced when it comes to nation building, including Pan-Africanists who refused to understand that every single ethnic group is different when it comes to mentality, languages, cultures and standards. We are not same and let me tell you that same skin colour is not a reason to unite.

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