Breaking; Biya Employing Military Brutality & Federalist Mirage to Scare Ambazonia off Independence

6 months ago

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Published on 25/10/2018

Mr Paul Biya and his gang might have succeeded in their electoral hold up in LRC, but it turns out that this time it was more or less a Pyrrhic victory. International pressure is pilling, disapproval is growing and super powers that appear to be congratulating are using diplomatic ruse to say their disappointment. To overcome his own growing challenges, Biya is now prepared to throw a federalist bait, a mirage to Ambazonians; shall we fall for that new scam? Watch on


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The Struggle Continues

25 thoughts on “Breaking; Biya Employing Military Brutality & Federalist Mirage to Scare Ambazonia off Independence”

  1. Comrade JMA, u are a hero in our generation, let these leaders understand that, there's no time for procrastination… collaboration is now or we're doomed, killing is still going on even after the same tyrant is selected by the CC, join all strengths now to push unto the last string of this revolution… now now now now now now now, our people are dying & a lot of them are in critical conditions in either refugee camps or the forest, may the Lord help us

  2. It's a lie mr John, u are the number two snake behind disunity and ayaba is the first. By saying here that there no group is viewed as legitimate, you are technically stating here that the I G IS EQUAL to ayaba and that he had the right to be fighting other groups and also has the right to send his surrogates to call the U N. Look let me expose u, when ayaba wanted to register to a certain U N committee , you were singing about it, but when the other group announced about the U N committee, you never made mention of it in ur speech. You can only fooled fools. Your philosophy and hidden agenda of always coming together is so as to desolve the main group or bring it to the level of others. You are very poisonous, hypocritical and pretentious. Even after what capo did, you haven't make a statement. If you if it was any other group that did what capo did, you would have addressed it in avoidably. As u didn't address it, that means you by doing that was encouraging disunity. You were through ur silence stating that they should fight one another. So how can u now pretend about unity. Liar, liar and lair. Only the gullible and the myopic hasn't understood u yet, unite ur own self first before uniting the others. I stand to advice you and ur co, that we have suffered enough back home and we don't want it further. I tell u the truth that Cameroon government is better than u guys put together over there. Even though with issues, we have been doing well back home. U guys should leave us alone.

  3. Mr mbah I do appreciate your effort at all time for unity. But let the truth be told. The main problem we have in this revolution is nobody else than Cho ayaba and boh Helbert. I will not want to include akwanga though he keeps playing romance with Ayaba boh Helbert as well. Ayaba Cho has succeeded in pulling back this struggle to where it is today simply because of his thirty pride what nonsense. Ayaba Cho wants power at all cost. I came from the same country with boh Helbert but I will not pretend to tell him he is a disgrace to the people of Boyo. We are watching him. Once more Mr mbah I want to asur you that no money will be contributed to any group out there period?

  4. Most of u will be killed and most remain in exile because of ignorance. If u guys think u gonna win with this division then u re all dreamers. Soon everything will die down, just for one reason, the hatred and division amidst u all. It makes no difference between u and ur oppressor. If I was to proposed a solution, it will be for most of this so call leaders to be arrested by the boys regime and locked up somewhere, so that the people can unite as one so the world can see our unity. The so call akwangwa group, ayaba group, IG group, this or that group is a poison in our land. And u put it on social media to make the world know that it is a group thing. Fools. I have never seen a black man unite, it's a shame

  5. You are talking the truth but..the problem is amongst you leaders…every one of you is a showy tacky..
    A lot of talking rather than action…
    People are getting tired….
    What's all these rubbish from educated people acting like illiterates…
    The scripture even makes it clear that my people perish because of lack of knowlege.
    When will all this madness..of betrayal end?

  6. You speak well. At this point of the struggle you leaders should know that unity is not optional, it is mandatory. your analysis on an increase savagery of the military is correct. Biya's government headed by Atanga Nji would use the struggle as a point of distracting from both internal and external pressure on the election fraud. That would be brandished as a form of national unity.

  7. Brother John Mbah AKURO am really really disappointed with you ,for the fact that you are condemning the COUNTY by County just because you want to JOIN Ayaba cho to BE scamming DIASPORA. Am ashamed of you John Mbah

  8. Comrade Mba John Akuroh I have been one of your constant followers but it's unfortunate I have to draw your attention to this issue. That despite the fact every one of you Leaders are trying to do his or her best to make sure we arrive Buea soonest. But you have failed to condemn an abominated act cursed be Capo Daniel some weeks back, which was like throwing a spanner in between the wheels of our train from arriving Buea on time. How on earth can you imagine Capo Daniel called the Secretariat of the Colonization committee with pretext to uncovering Dr Sako as a liar, expecting to hear Ambazonia name on list. Whom he's fully aware can't happen due to the fact we are yet to be internationalized. Only for his call to exposed their name in an invisible West Sahara list, and was made to be scraped off immediately. Why all this?. If our case was heard in this commision at list it could have given us a grate push for once. Let me ask you about this your unity nonsense you are preaching about: Can more than 2 persons from a single Nation be allowed to enter as representative in such a Committee?. Even LRC who were full member State had only 2 persons permitted into that meeting. What has this unity song got to do with incidents of this nature. Dr Ayaba Cho left Noway to London for a fake oil meeting alone, why didn't you guys cry fault speak of unity and condemn this act his, like the way you all are after Dr Sako?. Must you guys come and broadcast every strategy on air?. How childish can you all be?. Does LRC open up to the press their movements?. Indirectly you guys 're telling them and the world we are not united. Grow up.

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