Breaking; Cardinal Tumi Led AGC to be Merged with Larger S Cameroons Conference in USA

3 months ago

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A Delegation of the Cardinal Tumi-initiated All Anglophone Conference, led by Ellie Smith held talks with some leaders of our revolution in Maryland, USA. Discussions centered around the need for all shades of opinion in Southern Cameroons to be presented at an all-encompassing general conference. In the end, the participants agreed on the need to set aside the Cardinal Tumi initiated AGC in favour of a more inclusive or realistic Southern Cameroons general conference being organized by Dr. Fontem Neba. Upon general agreement, the Fontem-led conference has been adjourned to mid March to enable delegates around the world to prepare to be part of the meeting. Watch on!


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The Struggle Continues

27 thoughts on “Breaking; Cardinal Tumi Led AGC to be Merged with Larger S Cameroons Conference in USA”

  1. You kidnapers of priest, you are talking about conferences when you never condemns agwanga for kidnapping a priest, all because you guys have a hidden agenda to keep killing innocent people in the country. I don't know the one who made u

  2. You day so you be some conni man. You think say you over get sense but bro leave that tokk. We di see how the struggle for power di show for your lips. « No body gave any group the mandate to negotiate on their behalf «  you nover hear say IG Dey.? N’a we government that and them get the mandate for negotiate for we, Wonna all just get for accept am weather Wonna like am or not:. Power mongers n’a wonna . Yes; you, Ayaba and that Baboon face Boh Herbert nadictators dem. We no fit di fight for leave Biya only for came fall for inside another trape like wonna. We sense don wise after all this years with LRC so we no go fall prey again.

  3. If you people don't unite just remain there in the diaspora ok, we were drinking cold water here even when we did not know any of you and believe me the fighting on GZ will one day stop by hook or by crook. Not withstanding we thank you guys for the effort in fighting our oppression but life will move on even if the struggle does not see the light of day. U all should always remember that before fighting each other, very soon u will say dictator Biya is refusing to call for a dialogue, which of you will represent ambazonians or you just want to go waste time for dialogue sake, come on..

  4. Good presentation brother John, but I think it will be important to expose who ever is tampering with the lives of southern Cameroonians. Hope this meeting is for a good purpose.

  5. Truely Mr JBA , I've not seen you this sobber for quite a while and I wish to pray & believe there is something serious in the pipeline . Let's pray that God should continue to guide & protect you guys and to bring on board all those derailed ones including all those who can bring in positive points as for the way forward and the best way out for you guys out there and above all for ALL OUR PEOPLE BACK HOME . WHY CAN OTHER ORGANISATIONS NOT BE PART OF THE TALKS (eg ; Common World , UN , AU etc.) just thinking my way or say just thinking aloud . ALLUTA CONTINUA .

  6. Are you for real mr.jma, we have a government and they represent us, they have the people's mandate to act for us ok? so if you think no one is mandated to speak for us then go check your brain , you power monger, who made you the president of the consotium, you appointed yourself, no one gave you the mandate, same to ayaba, akwanga ,boh herbert and the rest of all those mushroom groups, you guys don't have the mandate of the people ,stop comparing your njangi grps with our government which has our mandate ok? get that into your brains.

  7. this is an opportunity to enable our IG to remain resolute in stating what we want and to bring the federalists and unionists to order. If they don't comply, we walk out but at no time should the diplomatic offensive slow down its machinations. Ahead ahead till we cross the goalline

  8. "Hmmmm this meeting oooo", I have always trusted Mr JMA but I don't know why I fear him this days…is it possible that he's been delivered to the devil unknowingly or he's on his way to freeing the southern Cameroons- Ambazonians?
    May God help him & a host of the remaining faithful ambazonians at home and abroad!!

  9. According to you sir,u recognise the meeting organised by Fontem-an individual but you 've always refused & blackmailed everything organised by the IG/Dr SAKO,CHRIS ANU & co, knowing very well that the IG is of GOD???? & that God himself is at the forefront of this matter!! In the past God allowed your fore fathers-munas&fonchas to lead his people-our forefathers but your forefathers solde our people for less than a loaf of bread for selfish personal gains-binding them in pains/tears & enslavement for years. Now that God has seen our peoples' tears turn in his mercy& power to wipe their tears & restore them, again the same confussionist roots spring up to say God's choice should stand behind & follow them?? Unfortunately God is God as such, when He is involved in a matter, He takes suprimacy & overrules in his Glorious Light & power!! So, all those monster horns that do not want to recognise the IG, should pray for God to make them see his face & stop delaying the process. Note: the Arm of God is up-raised over the camerouns for the restoration of southern cameroun & God will skake the earth from the camerouns , through France & their allies to arrive to his new plan in the camerouns!!! Thank you JESUS. Amen.

  10. Mbah dont forget the sc have a govt…1-10) free all prisoners, sisiko and co,11-20)sisiko tabe and co most be part of that meeting,21-30)the American govt most be present…..NB,some whitemen came and decieve foncha in e fuban conference as representatives brought by la repubique ooo. so many people have died ooo

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