Breaking; Decoding US Under Secretary Tibor Nagy's Latest Message to Southern Cameroonians!

1 month ago

The US Under Secretary for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy has again said the United States of America as at this moment supports a united Cameroon. He expressed fears that an independent Southern Cameroons shall be ridden with poverty and suffering, representing another burden to an already over-burdened international community. Does this statement represent a deadly blow to the aspirations of the people of Once Independent Southern Cameroons, also called Ambazonia, to self-determination? Find out in this video!


The Struggle Continues

35 thoughts on “Breaking; Decoding US Under Secretary Tibor Nagy's Latest Message to Southern Cameroonians!”

  1. I think the only way forward is to go back to two states federation.Because power struggling within the so called leaders of the revolutions has destroyed the purpose of the struggle.especially the Diaspora

  2. I have said it many times and I would say it again here. My dear people of Ambazonia, our revolution has been hijacked by greedy and selfish individuals who care less about the freedom of Ambazonia but are using the struggle for their individual benefit, be it financial or whatsoever.

    The US that has been sympathetic to our struggle is gradually turning its back on us. And what are these so-called self-made leaders doing, adding kerosene to fire. Again, we all by now have to understand that their interest is not our freedom but self aggrandizement.

    So, Time to Reflect has come or not Ambazonians. We should all render these wicked leaders and their various groups invalid and useless by withdrawing support to any of these spoilers of our God ordained revolution. We do not have any time left to play around with. With our combined energy, we can take out these jokers and their respective groups. DO NOT SUPPORT ANY GROUP INCLUDING THE IG. FIND WAYS TO SEND FINANCIAL SUPPORT TO TRUSTED PEOPLE BACK HOME IN AMBAZONIA WHO CAN DELIVER THE MOBEY TO THE GROUPS IN YOUR LOCALITY OR ANY OTHER LOCALITY IN AMBAZONIA.
    We have come to agree that these thieves in the name of leaders of the revolution and their members are not there for us.

    Please those who follow groups should from now on stop. Else, the independence of Ambazonia that you so much desire would remain a dream. Think my people, people of other races, will again begin to ask what is wrong with us. Please open your eyes.

  3. Bro. Money is not the problem here , southern Cameroonians support is not the problem. The problem is that every one even kids can see clearly that you guys in the diaspora are a curse to our struggle. You guys are already embezzling, And fighting yourselves for power. Imagine the UN announces our independence today, South Sudan would be our paradise. If the UN one day decides to recognize the British cameroons, I suggest that the diaspora should be cut off completely. Till this day I can’t tell about the whereabouts of the money we contributed for our trip to buea.

  4. John you in person and giving yr age you can’t call yr master Ayaba Cho to order instead you’re projecting Ayaba against Sako and now who are you blaming for the infighting. Ayaba is for federation same thing with you and Eric Tataw,

  5. Use that yr big mouth to talk to Ayaba to join Sako and stop fighting. What do you do with this money you contribute everyday because you have no body on ground zero. Stop talking about The IG please

  6. To or is not the problem, you John you’re the biggest problem with yr gang have you talked to Eric who is planning to distroy our struggle??? No you’re here playing a smart one.

  7. Is not Tibor naggy that will free Ambazonia, we have gone passed s.Sudan, bcus we will be governed strong institutions and not strong people. Only the people in gz will decide who lead them, bcus the power is in their hands

  8. John, good presentation. I came back to comment because I was just listening to Chris Anu calling for a massive demonstration in Washington DC on March 13.

    Please, this is the moment to get in touch with Chris and iron out things right. Actions speak better than words. Our people are suffering. Thank you Sir.

  9. Well articulated mr mbah I always love your analysis from the time old day of crtv press hour. Thank you and what is the way forward. Unity among us ?yes! Not just preaching organise conferences thank you sir need your contact thanks

  10. John Mbah Akuroh is one of the finest brains the Southern Cameroonians can ever boast of. He is a gift to the suffering people who seem to have no sense of direction. Visionaries like like him are usually rare to come by in liberation struggles like the one where everywhere you only find large mouths making so much noise that affects the ambitions and hopes of the people. When I listen to this guy talk, his sound and informed analysis and witness his galvanizing spirit, I say to myself despite the confusion, there is still reason to be proud that I was born a Southern Cameroonian. When I see some people rather come here to insult instead of learning and tapping from his great wisdom, I rather feel pity for them. I am going to not only contribute the $10 over and over and over again, I shall become an Ambassador of this golden initiative. I see a lot of sense in what he is saying. Those shouting here "no money for you" come across to me like the greedy ones who want the money contributed only to particular purses from where they too are tapping. Just listening to John Mbah Akuroh talk, I can tell he is a hardworking man who cannot want to depend on others for livelihood! First of all, he does not look either poor or desperate. This is a real leader, one who shines the light for others to follow. Kudos, brother and do stay unmoved by the rantings of those who are yet to be educated.

  11. Sir thank u for this video.I dropped a similar write up on my Facebook page about a year ago,but apparently it bore no fruits.The attitude of most of our leaders in the diaspora have had a negative bearing not only to the international community, but also on our defense volunteers on GZ.

  12. The message from Mr Tibor was not coded. No decoding required. It's clear, no country in the world sides with your madness in the name of a revolution. Embrace peace.

  13. Tibor is right, we don't need another South Sudan. Who killed 23 boys in Bui? You think the world is not following this ? You cry 21 Ambazonians killed by Cameroon but you don't see those killed by Sako and Anus. Bui Warriors and all groups that collaborate with Sako are nothing else than bandits, who run prisons, extort people they pretend to defend, they rape women, just like Beti BIR. What is the difference between the bandits BUI Warrior and BIR? Nothing.
    You want to get independence, get behind the only credible leader left in this struggle: Ayaba Cho. Like him or hate him, he is the only one with strategy, charisma, etc…. Starting with you John Bah Akuroh, leave your pride aside if you want independence and get behind Ayaba, NOW!!!

  14. Lrp had already invaded our struggle by inventing fakes amba and fake leaders who had been causing so more pain letting the world to the blame on the real amba and real leader.

  15. Mad dog chris Anu will come out there and say, Na Caterpillar go move me for here .chris Anu is just like Paul biya he is so divisive, he is the one retarding this Revolution. If something doesn't come from him it means is bad. The meaning ANU is trouble in fontem or even Bali.

  16. Too many leaders, and most with NO revolutionary strategies. Lack of unity, mismanagement of "my trip to Buea funds" etc. Too much infighting and disunity. All these things will hand us back to LRC as captured slaves if we don't unit behind one true leader and demonstrate to the world we ready.

  17. Ambazonians are so dull… They failed because of their stupidity!
    When the so called ambaboys behead soldiers and civilians and publish it on social media, what do you expect?? The USA to join you?

    You people are so stupid!! A more peaceful revolution would have worked very well…but ambaboys with their crimes scattered everything.

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