Breaking Down Message from Canada: Southern Cameroons Will Defy Naysayers, Independence Here We Come

1 week ago

The Canadian High Commissioner to Cameroon has said in interview that independence for Southern Cameroons appears unrealistic. He is not the first diplomat to say such things, as such it is important to interpret the real message contained in such declarations. This video is an attempt to break down the lessons we can draw from the High Commissioner’s interview. Watch and share.


The Struggle Continues

15 thoughts on “Breaking Down Message from Canada: Southern Cameroons Will Defy Naysayers, Independence Here We Come”

  1. Guns, guns, and more guns is the ONLY SOLUTION to drive out everything representing the colonizing LRC(i.e. it's administration, barbaric military and other savage security forces) from Ambazonian land !

  2. We the people of The Southern Cameroons are the sole people who shall determine our future. At some point a people have to look back from history and learn their lesson. We have graduated from history and are determined to acquire our freedom or shithole La Republique du Cameroun will never have peace as well. Yes they have done their best to kill as many of our people as possible but they are themselves slowly dying as well. Their economy is in decay and as long as we are determined I see no better future for them as long as they do not give up on Ambazonia. We shall never go back, we can only move ahead no matter what!

  3. Does anyone see why the Canadians paid 20 million dollars to the Swiss NGO HD to fake a negotiation between shithole La Republique du Cameroun and our God-ordained Ambazonia! The conspiracy to never allow true nationalists in Africa to control their people as exposed by the recent viral video in Youtube is real and we the sons and daughters of this great continent shall never allow others to determine our future anymore. The past 400+ years has been nothing but hell for our people. The youth of Africa have risen to fall no more with the head of the spear being our fearless and brave fighters in Ground Zero Ambazonia.

  4. What the Canadian Ambassador just read out is not different from what Republican Senator Graham pressured Officials to throw out mail ballots in the US recent elections as explained by MSNBC NEWS against democracy. How long can such illegality continue?. We shall fight for freedom till the last man standing.

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