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Breaking; LRC’s Economy Nears Collapse, Federalists go Boisterous, Internal Squabbles MUST End!

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The signs are now very visible; that Yaounde is under enormous pressure, both economically and politically. With the tax base dwindling by the day, the Ambazonian struggle for independence dragging and the international community becoming more sensitized, Paul Biya and his cohorts are beginning to come to terms with the reality that they are losing the war. That is why we must now come together in a way as to make capital of this situation. This is a must watch!


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  1. Thanks bro, you spoke well. I hope they heard you.

  2. Bill Tayong says:

    I hail you mr akuro, we have never lost a fight before so not this one.

  3. Newas Song says:

    Yes that's true we can use a house and a reduced number of participants for 21 people each having 3 participants . That will reduce the amount of money used for that conference

  4. This is one of our most valuable monuments we have in SC. God protect you for us sir

  5. Ewune Rose says:

    I congratulate you John. The days of sabotage are over. You know the roll you played. May be you should be the first to give that apology.

  6. Most of what you have said is true. United we stand. God bless Ambazonians and thank you.

  7. desly forba says:

    Well spoken brother Akuroh John. Let me remind you of the fact that our Ancestors never voted on the facts of choice because if they were it couldn't have been YES or OUI to chose from as was presented. They French Leaders knew what they were come to look for, mean while here's this saying that our fathers thought they were human like them. Until they were tricked. What did they do after, they stage a walk out like civilized people despite that they didn't understand french language. Today they have meet with resistance to continue their fraudulent mechanism. Today the resistant has come to stay until our independent is restored.

  8. Fendy Darry says:

    Do u take into consideration the civilians living in those areas? U are always partial in ur analysis especially when it has to do with ADF's irresponsible actions . It is not the first time u have come out to criticize especially the IG when ever they comment on ADF 's reckless actions . In your judgments , has ADF ever been wrong? . Please be that objective actor that Ambalanders hope for .

  9. Ol Wa says:

    Lrc don't give the fuck about what you are saying, . Stop crying, massah big mop,. It is the war already, so stop bulshit. Mother fuker

  10. Jean Jacques says:

    il faut déposer les armes,le monde entier vous l’a demandé vous avez refusé.vous avez choisi la guerre.c’est le résultat de votre mensonge et manipulation dans les médias sociaux.
    Tell to the people these girls were probably sent as agents to trap the arms forces.you continue to instigate evil on social media.
    You guys are ignorant of the secrets of this world.the economy of Cameroon will never go down because as all French empire,Cameroon has hundreds of billions of dollars in France central bank,some will be injected in Cameroon economy.your propaganda and lies on social media will be defeated.

  11. Jean Jacques says:

    You have failed.the assault in the forest is imminent

  12. Jean Jacques says:

    An intelligent person like you who comes to the social media to manipulate others and to lie.point of Mr John,North Korea is a military power and in international relations,military capacity and capability are crucial.thats why America wants to negociate first to avoid terrible consequences into that region.

  13. Jean Jacques says:

    How arms forces you have abominably killed?how many pregnant gendarmes you have abominably killed?how many schools and government offices you have burned down?how many people you have been intimidating?terrorising?how many people you have kidnapped for a ransom?how many girls you have taken captive as sex slaves?(some of the girls perished in Menka hotel with their captors)……
    Stop lying,you don’t care about these girls the soldiers are rolling on the mud.you are happy to see them suffering so that you can continue to fuel and feed your evil propaganda on social media.
    Your assignment has been exposed and failed.the land of cameroon will never be cut again as a cake 🍰

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