BREAKING NEWS !! 4/3/20 Dr CHO AYABA contradicts TIBO NAGY`S speech, please watch, listen and subsc

3 weeks ago

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Les dernières nouvelles vous apportent les dernières actualités dans le sud du Cameroun, alors que la crise socio-politique continue de secouer le pays. Nous vous apportons également les dernières nouvelles du monde, abonnez-vous à notre chaîne pour connaître les derniers événements dans les régions camerounaises du sud (anglophones).
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The Struggle Continues

16 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS !! 4/3/20 Dr CHO AYABA contradicts TIBO NAGY`S speech, please watch, listen and subsc”

  1. Southern Cameroonians will never forgive the enemies of African Unity, for deceiving them.
    You condemn colonialism yet your so called Ambazonia is based on colonialism.
    The Unity of Africa MUST begin in Africa in-miniature

  2. Where does Tibor Nagy get his ideas from? First he claimed Ambazonians were dying to protect their "Cameroonianness". Now he refers to Ambazonia as a microstate?

  3. What you are saying about Africa and history is known. So, you are not teaching anything new. Stop complaining for nothing. Be realistic, where did you think you were going? Stop that your nonsense. Wake up from that sad dream, stop making noises and respect people's lifes for one's. People are dying on the ground and you are hiding abroad with your family enjoying your wife and kids spraying nonsense for people to be killed, exiting our poorly educated brothers to carry dame guns, threaten our populations on the ground and killing many of them. Stop that your foolishness. Enough is enough

  4. Stop this? You’re the course of all this if you guys where fighting as one tibor will see us as serious ppl but you said it’s either you or no body so why are you blaming that guy?????😭😭😭 even as of now you’re still the same as no body can be a president if not you no body but trust me you can never ever roll ambazonians because of yr bad dictator ship

  5. Leave Tibor Nagy Alone.
    Abdulkarim Ali.

    Dear Southern Cameroonians,
    I see the emotions and misguided desperation at Tibor Nagy's opinion about the statehood of Southern Cameroons. Please my people consider the difference between an opinion and a fact. On the one hand, the fact is that it is our territory supported by international law and cemented by UN resolutions. On the other hand, his opinion is that he wishes for a United Cameroon. The mare fact that he wishes for unity defeats the premise of your emotions. Remember you can't unite one thing. By definition, unity implies merging more than one thing together as one. You can't have multiplicity of instantiation unless there is a given genius.

    Bottom line Mr Nagy will even explain to you that it's however up to you – if you asked him. He is well aware of your fundamental right to self determination. He knows about your history, legality and legitimacy better than you may assume.

    Please don't be angry at him, don't insult him and don't smear him. He is with you in essence and truth. I can proof that he is with you but ultimately is about what you want…

    Focus on the prize intellectually and piously.
    Talk to yourselves more. Don't talk about yourself/yourselves. Mr Nagy knows that his country is an epitome of immigration and revolution. He knows that liberalism is the premise of his society. He also recognizes that human rights which is what he advocates as a diplomat is an offshoot of liberalism.
    No diplomat will openly use the clear and concise language you will cherish and prefer to hear. But rest assured they sponsor the right to self determination.

    Don't be a scared to go to jail, don't be scared of the police or army, don't fear death. The right to self determination is your right and Southern Cameroons is not part of LRC's territory.

    Relax and fly the plane.
    Don't blink nor waver.

    God bless Southern Cameroons.

  6. Well articulated speech, Dr. Ayaba. Let the Americans know that the fundamental principle of self determination is equally applicable to the people of the Southern Cameroons/Ambazonia. We are not trying to create a new state, the US should note this. We are barely fighting and shouting loud that that stolen trust territory of the United Nations, which was the first democracy in Africa is rising to fall no more. Laws are laws and must be respected. We are breaking no national nor international law here. We are are asking for justice to reign.

  7. After All The Talking, Our Total Liberation And Independence Depend On Us.
    The Slave Masters Finds It Very Difficult To Let Go Their Slaves On The Tables.
    Long Live The Federal Republic Of Ambazonia.

  8. Reactionary Always with no foresight! What have you, the leaders of the Ambazonia cause, shown Sec Nagy that you are able to collaborate amongst yourselves to cause him to even remotely reconsider this position he and the US have expressed since the Banjul declaration? Is it the incessant infighting or the social media activism on overdrive that will engage this career diplomat to ever think to himself that there lies some benefits to an Independent Ambazonia after all? Look up all the examples you listed just now and tell me which of these examples had 10 different presidents and military factions when they were charging and marching towards their freedom?

    We tend to over postulate and show off our perfect diction and bloated historical theories about the validity of the independence case even peppering them with all sorts of moral aspersions but do our actions look like those that would cause any one of these US Diplomats to stick out their necks for the cause of an independent Ambazonia just like they ended up doing for South Sudan and now having buyer’s remorse?

  9. All Ambazonia should rally behind Ayaba chou and see how far they can go for their liberation. Sako samuel need to support him too. Sako himself know he is not vocal to lead this struggle. I think and I believe Ayaba chou knows the way forward. He's a freedom fighter. Let him hold the candle like sisiku Ayuk Tabe , please Ambazonia if you need freedom. Thank you.🕊🕊🕊

  10. The present-day Cameroon, emanates from the Reunification of two EQUAL states, with two and different dates of Independence.
    So, Southern Cameroons(SC) is not creating a state, they are a state, whose recognition has been suppressed for a very long time, making majority of the present-day citizens to think they want to create a microstate. It's not their fault, the forceful trial to bring (assimilate) them into the bigger state of the union, has been for a very longa time.
    Recognizing the statehood of SC, and having a plausible, genuine non-preconditions negotiation, remains the Hallmark (majic bullet) to bring a sustainable solution to the SC-Ambazonia struggle.

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