Breaking News; Ambazonian Leaders Modify No Circulation Program to Begin October 1!

9 months ago

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Published 19/09/2018

The leaders of the Front line liberation movements of Ambazonia have agreed to a new calendar regarding special measures on circulation during the period leading to the presidential election organized by LRC. According to the new program, lock down begins October 1, 2018. Watch on for the details.


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The Struggle Continues

15 thoughts on “Breaking News; Ambazonian Leaders Modify No Circulation Program to Begin October 1!”

  1. Good job JMA. Together we stand, divided we fall. Unity empowers us while disunity empowers the enemy. In honour of those who are displaced or have lost their lives in this struggle LET'S DO ALL IN OUR POWER TO REMAIN UNITED, no matter our differences. Our unity is greater than our differences. GZ should be the focal point of discussion now. Good job JMA, please keep doing what you are doing. All our leaders all have a role to play. Thank you.

  2. Nous ne sommes pas des français
    Nous ne sommes pas des anglais
    Nous sommes des Bamilékés et des Sawa
    La preuve, où vont les personnes qui fuient les violences ?
    En angleterre ? en france ?
    Non, ils vont simplement chez leurs frères Bamilékés et Sawa à Douala et à l'Ouest
    Voilà l'explication anthropologique de ce qu'est notre identité fondamentale
    Alors de grâce, décolonisez vos cerveaux

  3. We are not French
    We are not English
    We are Bamileke and Sawa
    The proof, where are the people fleeing the violence going?
    In England ? in France ?
    No, they just go to their brothers Bamileke and Sawa in Douala and West
    That's the anthropological explanation of what our fundamental identity is
    So please, decolonize your brains

  4. Marching forward and creating positve outcomes for this revution at this fragile stage, reqiures unity at all costs. Stopping this upcoming presidential election is a comparatively low hanging opportunity with breathtaking significance, both symbolically and practically, that Ambalanders can't afford to.miss it's exploitation. Thank you, John Mbah Akoru, for being one of the grown ups.

  5. #Operation stop the election.
    I think that in addition to tell the people not to vote measures need to be taken like:
    1)The localization and destruction of all the election materials and polling stations in Ambazonia.
    2) The destruction of all telephone lines leading to any polling station.

  6. Dear John. I kindly plead with you that you should avoid counting the IG and the president as just another leader. He is our President not a group leader and we must respect that. GZ is in one front because we have an IG, so let us at least have our voices coming together with one force. The IG is the only standing symbol of strength that God has show to the world that we are on our own and His people. The IG has made us be. We have a government. When you count the IG has a group no matter how beautiful the message may be, you belittle everything and every Ambalander including yourself infront of the international community. Ambalander is free.

    No matter our differences our views are, let us show respect for that government. Every government has problems, so we should not expect the IG to be running before crawling. Please support that IG it only makes you stronger my brother.

    God is leading

    Stay blessed

  7. No Man.where will you guys be in the first of October. Shumbu them .we don wise.wuna come make all we de that BUEA.we don wise .Buea Buea .with whom are u going to Buea with the UN foolish man.This rubbish will not succeed.Every year Buea but everyday pple are dying.God will Punish wunasending Youths to go and take power from the devil in the name of Odeshi water n.a. water .All of u guys should pay your flight to Cameroon let us all match to Buea.Catalyst of the first order.

  8. To reinforce this communique all groups and the IG should fund ground zero and give them all the necessary materials needed to execute what has been said.Amba fighters are ready to prove to La republic that they have the capability and technical know- how to persecute this war.So my only plea is fund our defence forces on ground zero and Buea will be a reality. We should continue to stay Amba strong and be kind to one another.

  9. We really appreciate the unity of the various frontline leaders in as much as we thank u wiseman JMA but plz for this Revolution to be successful,AGC shouldn't be amongst the other groups…Ayaba Cho n his crew r monsters behind the revolution.Plz let's not be sentimental,the bible says if ur one finger will lead u into sin cut it off

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