Breaking News; Cameroon's Rights Commission Reveals Dubious Activities of LRC Military!

4 months ago

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In the open letter, the National Commission on Human Rights and Freedoms cites the fire incident on the campus of Sacred Heart College Mankon in August 2017, the kidnappings and armed attack at PSS Bafut in November 2017, the kidnapping of some 82 students and school officials on the campus of PSS Nkwen in November 2018 and the burning of the Kumba District hospital in February 2019 as instances that not only demonstrate the inefficiency of Cameroon’s military and security forces, but go a long way to confirm their involvement in these and other dubious activities, making life so hard for the unarmed civilians in Southern Cameroons. Watch on!


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The Struggle Continues

30 thoughts on “Breaking News; Cameroon's Rights Commission Reveals Dubious Activities of LRC Military!”

  1. All Southern Cameroons Peoples’ Conference- ASCPC March 29th & 30th

    Be part of this important rendezvous which will redefine how we prosecute our existential struggle for freedom.
    This Conference will bring together all Southern Cameroonians to:

    – Identify the problems which have plagued our existence since we obtained independence by joining the Republic of Cameroon in 1961;

    – Review the social, economic and political factors that led to the 2016 strikes, government’s handling of the crisis, its escalation, the onset of the civil war and the loss of property and lives;

    – Evaluate efforts made so far by government and the people of Southern Cameroons to stem down the crisis and the outcomes (if any);

    – Ascertain the nature and extent of the humanitarian crisis resulting from the burning of villages, hospitals and how refugees and IDPs can be integrated in the overall drive for peace;

    – Chart the way forward to a sustainable peace and the role of the international community in achieving it;

    – Reconcile Southern Cameroons political groups and rally them around this cause for peace, outlining a code of conduct to govern political activities before, during and after the peace process.

    If in difficulties, call +1 301 898 6324

    Intended Outcome of the Conference

    – Heighten international awareness of a conflict which has been treated in the media as simple “Anglophone Problem”. It is a burgeoning war that has become genocidal. The international needs to act to avert another Rwanda.

    – Develop a common strategy for peace within a viable framework for a long-term solution and the role the international community can play within it.

    – Reconcile the different political groups and ideological leanings towards a common or consensus position

    If in difficulties to register, *call +1 301 898 6324

  2. Thanks bro.I wish anybody paying a visit to see Paul biya can consoles u bf making any attempt.They should stop receiving any type of gift from him.I am saying this bc all of them who have received those cult gift goes home either remains silent or mute.United we stand as Ambazonians.May the almighty safe our motherland.Long live the Republic of Ambazonian and God bless us all.

  3. Ambazonians in different walks of life have had the opportunity to pull the strings but failed to do so. The protection of one's daily bread does not allow Ephraim Banda Goghomu to resign and send a powerful distress signal to Paul Biya and the world!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thank you comrade John Mbah Akuroh for that wonderful information you are dishing out to our people and the international community. Ambazonia is rising to fall no more.God bless Ambazonia.

  5. Cameroun and Ambazonia, two neighbouring countries, currently at war. Why?

    Cameroun declared war on Ambazonia. Why?

    Ambazonia declared resistance on Cameroun. Why?

    These two countries existed separately, on their own, between 1922-1961. Ok!

    These two countries came together in peace to form one country in 1961. Ok!

    These two countries, all of a sudden, started fighting each other. Why?

    These two countries have been fighting for some years now. Really?

    Which country is attacking the other? And why?

  6. I agree with a reset with this conference. We cannot continue without making adjustments. This conference is an opportunity for adjustment. It should bring renewed worldwide attention.

  7. The struggle should be rebaptized "AMBAEXIT" Ambazonia Exit same as we have the BREXIT British Exit from the E.U. By this,it becomes easy in diplomatic encounters as it will simply be presented as the exit of Ambazonia from the Union with French Cameroon.

  8. Ambazonia shall be a free country before you know it. Paul Biya of LRC has cross the line of wickedness beyond human imagination. His manslaughter attitude is now compared to Rwanda genocide which the UN and the world declared NEVER AGAIN synario. Today they are silent.

  9. Paul Biya is a spoiled stubborn brat that NEVER learned the art of losing. That’s why he hangs on everything even if he loses. Dictators don’t dialogue, they dictate. Like Hitler, is iron & blood the ONLY solution for Paul Biya?

  10. There's always money to be made from conflicts…the stupid ones die while the smart ones make money and live comfortable lives abroad. Smart ones see their bank accounts swell after every utube outing. smart ones stay safe at all times and send the stupid ones to die…Amba madness continue, kill each other if you like, stupid ambacriminals.

  11. Anybody who argues the Ambazonia problem, that person does not understand Cameroon’s history from 1922 – 1961.
    Please, google: Cameroon from 1922 – 1961 in any language.

    Let me tell you a bit of the story:

    Cameroon was colonized in 1884 by the Germans who ruled Cameroon till 1918.

    In other words, Cameroon became a German colony in 1884 known as Kamerun.

    The Germans ruled Kamerun for 34 years until after World War I, they lost Kamerun.

    World War I, also known as the First World War or the Great War, started on July 28, 1914 and ended on November 11, 1919. (A 5-year war, approx.).

    Germany surrendered on November 11, 1918. That marked the end of shooting and bombing. Immediately. All nations agreed to stop fighting while the terms of peace were negotiated.

    German lost the war and according to the League of Nations, they had to pay the damages.

    Eight months after seize-fire, on June 28, 1919, the German territory, Kamerun, was taken from the Germans.

    Summarily, when the Germans were defeated during the 1st World war, Kamerun was placed as a mandated territory of the League of Nations and given to France and Britain to rule it. They shared Kamerun into two parts with France having 3/4 and Britain 1/4.

    Kamerun was divided between France and the Great Britain as League of Nations mandates.

    The land was divided. The people were divided.

    France administered the East side of Kamerun and the Great Britain administered the West side.

    Three years later, i.e. in 1922, (1919-1922), France named her mandate, Cameroun while Great Britain named her mandate, Cameroons. (Because there were two parts: Northern Cameroon and Southern Cameroon).

    Cameroons and Cameroun were two separate territories with a boundary.

    In Cameroons, the people were taught English. In Cameroun, the people were taught French.

    Cameroons and Cameroun existed separately since 1922 until 1961, with a national boundary/border differentiating both mandates.

    That is 39 years or about 40 years that French Cameroun, had nothing to do with British Cameroons or vice versa.

    Southern Cameroons became an autonomous region with its capital in Buea, and E.M.L. Endeley was the Premier.

    As French Cameroun and Nigeria prepared for Independence, Southern Cameroons nationalists debated whether to join French Cameroun, or Nigeria, or totally become independent.

    On January 1 1960, the French Cameroun became independent as the Republic of Cameroun, LRC, under President Ahmadou Ahidjo, and Charles Assalé was the Prime Minister.

    Southern Cameroons was due to achieve full independence on October 1 1961. But then, something happened.

    On 11 February 1961, 1 year 1 month after La République du Cameroun had gained independence, a plebiscite was organised in the Cameroons by the United Nations, both the Southern and the Northern Cameroons, to decide whether to join La République du Cameroun, or Nigeria.

    In the plebiscite, Northern Cameroons voted for union with Nigeria, and Southern Cameroons voted for union with La République du Cameroun.

    On 1 June 1961, both Southern Cameroons and La République du Cameroun made an AGREEMENT to become one state through a federal government.

    Today, that federal government is not working. It has been abused.

    That is the root cause of the problem between the two countries.

  12. Indeed John God is With us. What a revealation!!!! I hope people who have ears have head of the conspiracy theories involved in this revolution. To All of u the faithful activists that all of u should take the upcoming conference very seriously and reconcile in it to shame the judas and enemies of this revolution sothat that so call international community who had been taking admitation for 3 years counting to see innocent civilians being killed everyday and burning down more than 400 villages etc etc in SC and they don't condemned.
    Keep critising and exposing their conspiracy until we reach new. .ore grease to y elbow!!!!

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