31 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS -ERIC TATAW BIYA -AMBAZONIAN Federalists Call Police On Me”

  1. Today, you are southern Cameroonian 不不不Tell them that you are Ambazonian, if any country like it exist in the world! As a US resident, you do not have a right to go to someone else house no matter what! You were lucky… That woman should seek for a peace order, so next time you to go jail不不不You were not invited to the meeting a big shame!

  2. 屢賅樹樹 You are a Real Lion and God is with you. And God will protect you. God bless you 返 the blood of our people dying and their spirits are with you, No fear. USA no bi Cameroon 唐唐唐唐唐唐唐唐. I share tears for our dead people.

  3. An African citation says: When a knife becomes too sharp, its ready to break. And the Greek mythology to says: When Icarus ignored his father warning about flying too close to the sun. His waxed wings melted, and he tumbled to the sea where he drowned. Hopefully your large mouth will not obstruct your clairvoyance.

  4. TATAW I feel the pain even on the tips of my fingers, too. The so called Anglophone brothers are the very ones killing us. Well, let anyone have his/her own opinion on this struggle. Our people are suffering and being killed daily. One thing for sure is that things will never be the same again.

  5. Thanks for your courage Eric.. You are fighting for your right and the police can't do anything to you because that's what they believe in…. Our guys back home think that American police is like the junck they have over there…. Here the police is to protect us, not to harass and kill as it's happening in cameroun…. They that called the police don't understand our system, they thought that the police would just come and pick you up as they are doing in cameroun….. The police you are talking to is afraid to brutalise you because you can take him to court and he'll lose his job or go to jail… AMERICA IS NOT CAMEROUN !!!!!

  6. the hateful thing about you guys is that you don't think that anybody should have an opinion different from yours! Until a referendum determines otherwise, anglophones still have the right to "campaign" for whatever form of government they desire.

  7. I Praise God for your life-Tataw. U have proofed that u are a lion of God,like the Lion of the Generation of Juda-JESUS Christ.God can no longer tolerate the old maneovers over the southern camerouns-at the origin of all these troubles&pains&crying!The new set-up of God over the southern camerouns,the camerouns&the world cann't be ultered because God himself is at the forefront! God, show us the way out as U did in Egypt for the Israelits. Let your Mercy&Favor&Power speak for us oh God.Thank you JESUS.Amen.

  8. You came to a private meeting and that is considered trespassing.

    You are afraid that Federalists Will find a solution where you have failed.

    Biya is the problem. Stop going around attacking others looking for solutions contrary to yours

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