18 thoughts on “Breaking News – Eric Tataw Implicated in the Burning of the Kumba District hospital. IS THIS TRUE?”

  1. Lol all man go make video talk e own thing . Tuipsssssssssssss. Free yousoul show your face' stop repeating your self and show us facts not talking rubbish like many others. Today military tomorrow amba.

  2. Even a child of yesterday can detect this kind of frame-up,
    Eric Tataw is bigger than these childish foxes.
    We thought "MK PD" was out to expose hidden facts, but we now understand who "MK PD" platform is!
    Only CryOut TV has stood tall ;
    Eric Tataw is not perfect, but he remain "THE LION OF THE REVOLUTION"
    MK PD platform, you are down for good!

  3. The real story (fact) was told just after the incident and all who heard believed it! Be it Federalist or restorationist, THE LAST THING THEY WILL THINK OF DOING, IS TO BURN DOWN A HOSPITAL,
    There are a well known people, with a good background of targeting the hospitals!

  4. Why did u not tell the world when u knew that they're going to burn the hospital but u came now after the deed has been done and confess. My friend show ur face let's see u..u knew that life is going to lose but u stay quiet and after it happened u came out and confess. My friend the life of all those who died in that hospital burning is on ur head. U can't go free. The confession is in vain. Their soul will hunt u.

  5. Sotey you cry, what a pathetic liar. Go to the authorities, you can fool anyone with this drama, nice try though. Go and tell the person who put you up to this to do a better job next time.

  6. Foolish camerounian. Instead to free Yr soul from biya you come here blamail ambazonian. Where will u go after biya is out from power. Why are you not showing Yr face. Lrc burn hospital so to acuse amba. Show Yr face and by tomorrow you will live no more.

  7. Hmmmm… Biya na wow oh! So its really true that the AMBA boys re dealing with this biya s military? War with village boys and dent guns. Even the people in kumba, none of them even cried, u amba boy with a gun and killing, u cry pass man weh iy get die. Thiefs from LRP say Eric Tataw.

  8. My man dis one no work ohh try some other thing abeg. U see why the French call us anglofools instead of uniting to fight our oppressors we a fighting against ourselves what a shame.

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