-Breaking News From Sisiku About Milan And Nalowa.Is Cameroon Embassy In USA Suing Eric Tataw ???

5 months ago

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-Breaking News From Sisiku About Milan And Nalowa
– Is Cameroon Embassy In USA Suing Eric Tataw Over Eviction News???What’s the meaning of tapang has apologized? When and where did he he do that and to who? He has hurt all the southern Cameroonians not only you and mark bareta. He must do an open apology in a video so we can feel it and judge if we can accept it or not. The fact that he eats with the devil he is still one of them. We need to hear from that Tapang Ivo himself


The Struggle Continues

37 thoughts on “-Breaking News From Sisiku About Milan And Nalowa.Is Cameroon Embassy In USA Suing Eric Tataw ???”

  1. "How sweet it is for Brothers to dwell together". Saul before becoming Apostle Paul was a Prosecutor, Killer of the people, but when the spirit of God got him arrested, he changed and it was difficult for the followers to believe him, but only his actions and preaching of the good news from then made the followers to believe him. I therefore pray that may all the "Sauls" in this Revolution by the spirit of Yaweh be changed to Paul, and may their Actions and Preaching towards the Revolution cause the Ambazonians to believe them so we can together move forward. Glory be to God. Amen!

  2. Tapang was sent by ayaba to clear the way for him to continue with disaster. And u have fallen for it. Did i hear u say ayaba should come and apologise for killing? Why dont u ask the military and president biya to come and apologise for the people u said has been killed. Instead u are saying u cant unite again because of the killings. Be honest

  3. Eric tataw stop calling the names of Ayaba cho and Tapang ivo they are not sellouts like you and your gang star IG.
    You guys have sold the struggle and you will be held accountable for all those embezzlement and killing for the innocent blood of Ambazonians.
    Pretender where is the money for my trip Buea?
    Stop calling the name of God you killer .
    Game is done to sabotage ADF and sell the struggle.
    God punish you and your generation.

  4. Who’s that man of God?? A beg,, do we really need Milan and dumb Nalowa among us before we succeed??

    Please knock it off right now.. if not then I will see you as a double age sword ⚔️..

    Again, we not want Milan and Nalowa as of now, let them stay aside first.. when Sisiko and co comes out,, then we will know if they can be accepted amongst us or not by them..

  5. Nobody should ever trust with a devil like Tapang Ivo,he has shown us all his evil character,now he wants disguise again and come in to cause thievery and wickedness in this revolution .
    You are sorry at the cost of people's lost and lost of lives.Time is coming,when our independent comes all of you activists will be judge for what you are doing now,all you devils activist you'll never hold any position in ambazonia.

  6. Ayaba cho should apologize for killing somebody,so that life lost is worth only an apology?
    If ayaba has cause the death of any of my family members,I will not rest until his head enter the grave.

  7. Seriously Eric Tapang has and Ayaba hve really pierced our heart . They slaughtered our innocent brothers in batibo and Tapang had the guts to come to social media and added more salt to our injuries by bragging about it .

  8. Eric ,we accept Tapang's appology , buy you have to be very very careful the way you go close and communicate with him . This is bcus, when the devil wants to stricks, he pretends as if he loves you so much ,and then when he brings you closer, he strikes. I pray God gives us wisdom to deal with all these traitors in this revolution.

  9. The many tribes in Cameroon is a curse as can b seen with the divide and infighting in the revolution. We keep attacking our own instead of focusing on the real enemy. Fight of who is more popular and who sends out information first… Show Show dem all.

  10. Eric ask Ayaba Cho this question; He reside in Norway and claims to be fighting for our independence, why haven't we head the Gov't of Norway say any thing in our favor Ambazonia for independence?.

  11. Bros l know you want peace good to all of us, but that man of God for all that has been happening he could see only Sisiku about dangerous Milan and Nalowa ah? man of God ,God Is Not A Sleeping God take note.

  12. May Sister Kemy Ashu accept our sincere sympathy, for the lost of her dear mother. Ambazonia say be strong and wish you more God's blessing as you continue in the grate work you are doing for the Struggle of taking us to Buea.

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