1. This boy you no really get work. What is your real contribution to this failed struggle other than attacking your own people?.These diaspora so called leadership have spoiled this revolution. Ground zero is waiting for you guys. Nonsense. What a shame. Because of this in house fighting Foncha, Enderly and the rest fought against each other and put in this mess. We have failed to learn from the past. No unity in purpose.

  2. Ambazonia sleeper cells in Douala should be able to track down some of those big enablers such as tabetando, Achu etc who reside in Douala and teach them a lesson so other big enablers would learn from it. These are all easy targets who have their offices and residences there.

  3. We must bring down fako. Sako likes it or not. As for film Marshall, he has always been a tool of propaganda and fundraising for the Anu family . Sako should stop the thievery . He kills and steals from the pipo.

  4. Sisiko, Tabeyand Ayaba and Eric tataw epom are so dangerous for this revolution pascal Kiki has done everything to finish our fighters with Ayaba to no avail, now their target 🎯 is field Marshal so please ask yr self are they for ambazonians?? If yes then why are they killing there own instead of killing the military??? Open yr eyes ambazonians Sisiko and Ayaba are for federation sell out people.

  5. President Sako you’re the best thing for this revolution otherwise Ayaba and Sisiko’s gangsters could’ve sold ambazonians long time ago. Dr Sako we thk you for standing strong 💪 with yr people. We will support you till we reach Buea.

  6. SakoAnu viruses demages in Ambazonia is almost equivalent to what Satanic French Cameroun has done to Southern Cameroonians Ambazonians..

    They must be humiliated in any place or Country these wicket enablers will be.. Vampires in disguised like humans..

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