Breaking News! In Cameroon, the Horror Rises in the English-Speaking Regions!

11 months ago

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We are Against the ADF (Ambazonian Defense Force) and Denounce All their Atrocities committed against the Army an People of Cameroon.

We Denounce the Atrocities committed by the Cameroonian Army against the Anglophone People of Cameroon.

We Call For An Inclusive Dialogue Between the Francophone Cameroonians and Anglophone Cameroonians & Call For Peace & Stability in the Country.


The Struggle Continues

3 thoughts on “Breaking News! In Cameroon, the Horror Rises in the English-Speaking Regions!”

  1. The amesty international shouldn't have ask the government to access all what has been distrold by both side, but come to do the accessment by themselves because we all no that LRC will favour it self it is very sure no agument

  2. You see what we are talking about, these so called amnesty international members will be judged heavily by the God of justice. How can they asked the same criminals boys to go and investigate his own crimes? Glory be to God that you so called amnesty international members are only mere men and not God. For you can play your hypocritical game with man n go free but not with God the creator n overseer of all. The bible says that the Lord has kept a day to judge the wicked like you. The day of reckoning is soon approaching when all men will stand b4 the King above all king to give account. Those people who have been taking bribe to pervert justice while people are been slaughter like chicken will for sure have no hiding place to hide themselves. So be warned for, he who has ears should listen to what the spirit if God says n repent from all evil.

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