14 thoughts on “Breaking News – Paul Biya orders the Release of 289 people detained due to the Anglophone Crisis.”

  1. There will be no end to it if justice is not serve the people of Southern Cameroon period. Sessiko and co are not the only Southern Cameroonians in jail. Everybody i mean all should be released period.

  2. Biya's Cameroon is a complete embarrassment! The country has managed to become real trash. Those people are good for each other. They live by Biya's decrees. They are so primitive, more third world than third world. He will decree you people to drink before you drink, sleep before you sleep. What crimes did they commit? Misdemeanors. So if you are to stand trial for misdemeanor in front of a military tribunal, which court will judge someone who commits a felony? Joke!

  3. Bullshit! So Barrister, you think avoiding the cause of the problem and dealing with the consequences of the problem is problem solving? Listen to your statements again and think twice. Who tells you Ayuk Tabe is calling the shots? You will be shocked to know soon that Ayuk Tabe and co are respected leaders of the revolution but they don't call the shots the way you think. "Nobody is bigger than this struggle, even if that person was Sissiku Ayuk Tabe." These are the words of that Ayuk Tabe you are talking about. So he will not be calling off the fight as you claim. For the first time I am very disappointed in your analysis. I hope you don't have tins of sardine in your home!!! God forbid!

  4. My dear people let's thank God Almighty for this!! For the weapons of our welfare are not canal!
    It has pleased the Lord that HE President Paul Biya signs this decree!! Praise and Glory to our God sits on the throne the Almighty Jehovah.
    Just keep praying and thanking God many more positive decrees will follow sooner or later in the GREAT AND MIGHTY NAME OF OUR MASTER JESUS CHRIST! !!!!
    please my dear people I know what we all have gone through but please let's keep malice, anger etc….so that God will keep listening to our prayers! !!

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