27 thoughts on “Breaking News .Plan to assasinate Sisiku Ayuk and other detainees arrested at the Nera Hotel in Ni”

  1. Comrade Chris when there is an important message of this kind to deliver to the people you should go straight to the point and stop calling names, thanking people and asking them to share.A message like this does not need all those things. All you need is to put the caption "BREAKING NEWS" and deliver it straight away and we will get the information.Thank you.The Amba boys will give la republic a pinch of what they have got in the tank any of these days.They will hear from the amba boys sooner than later.

  2. Do not worry about the human face of the developments in Yaounde, God will show is face on that faithful day.

    The world will see a miracle never seen before in present times.

    God is leading.

  3. May be these guys have been killed by LRC and they are figuring out how to tell us and the world. If these guys had any sign of life, they would have shown them to us. May be this story is to demoralize us so that we spend time mourning instead of stopping the elections.

  4. Thank you our able secretary Chris. Please if the IG can personally contact our men of God (pastors) and other prayer warrior in this revolution so that we carry out a counter attack against the camp of our captives LRC in serious prayer warfare God shall deliver our leaders. I say so bcus that is the only strongest of all the weapons to defeat an enemy. Our leaders shall not die, they shall live to proclaim the glory of the Lord at the foot of my Fako. God bless you all our IG, other leaders n God bless Ambazonia.

  5. Can you guys stop 🛑 wasting time b4 delivering a msge? The world is watching and have no time for your wait. Sell the Revolution. The world is under competition for time & different programs.

  6. How can you have people waiting for ABC technicians to connect the broadcasting to ground Zero b4 u start? The suspense is repelling to non-Ambazonian audience. STOP 🛑 this wasting of resources.

  7. You all should have been ready b4 you even come online. Please, can you Stop 🛑 this “Inferior Services” that you provide. People’s lives depend on these messages.

  8. It took you 22mins and 45 seconds to deliver a 5 minutes poignant, and very important message. What a waste of the people’s Communication time? They have many more other people to watch or listen to.

  9. they deserve it…they're (dangerous-Criminals)…just tell all people who are fighting in what you call:(ground-zero)to turn their self in…the struggle is a:(wasting-time)you will never make it…Cameroon is one and will never be divided…just send a message to all those people to put their guns down and contact immediately the Cameroonian authority…you will never make it….(A.D.F..SOCADEF…RED-DRAGON and others )give up…and turn yourself to the Cameroonian-Army…

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