Breaking News; SCLC Indicts Yaounde Regime for Blocking Human Rights Watch Access into Ambazonia!

3 months ago

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The Southern Cameroons Liberation Council, SCLC has taken the bull by the horns by building a coalition with multiple sources of information to develop its intervention and advocacy capacity. In a press release issued this day as a result of this robust network put in place, the SCLC uncovers a malpractice by Yaounde, whuch tends to bar rights monitors from gaining access to the troubled Southern Cameroons territory in order to get first hand information on the atrocious and criminal acts of Cameroun’s army there. Monitors from Human Rights Watch were denied entry into Cameroon and turned back while they were already in Douala. The SCLC seizes this opportunity to invite the UN to send an urgent preventive humanitarian intervention mission to Ambazonia to limit civilians deaths in the area.

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In another development, the SCLC intends in the days ahead to constitute all the sub committees created in the MoU binding all its members. Watch on!


The Struggle Continues

4 thoughts on “Breaking News; SCLC Indicts Yaounde Regime for Blocking Human Rights Watch Access into Ambazonia!”

  1. The two cubes of sugar (ambazonians) are becoming even more harder to melt in the cup of coffee of our tyrants on the other side of the mungo;
    biya must hear this hahahahaha;
    Rdpc must hear this hahahahaha;
    Njanga republic must hear this hahahahaha,
    The whole wide world must hear this news very well that… these two
    #Ambazonia and la republic du cameroUn can #noLonger live together as #onePeople but can manage to settle down as #GoodNeighbors… boom!!! boom!!! boom!!!

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