Breaking News; SCLC Members Launch Joint Treasury, Commit to Transparency & Accountability!

4 months ago

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Member organizations of the Southern Cameroons Liberation Council have launched and rendered operational a joint treasury to enable them pursue projects and actions that should bolster our struggle for independence. The joint treasury code-named; Ambazonia Relief Fund, ARF went operational last Saturday April 20, 2019 during the first ever in-person meeting of members of the board of directors of the organization. The ARF will function virtually as an independent body that will work to guarantee transparency and accountability in the management of funds contributed by Southern Cameroonians around the world. Watch on!


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The Struggle Continues

10 thoughts on “Breaking News; SCLC Members Launch Joint Treasury, Commit to Transparency & Accountability!”

  1. Common Treasury for SCLC Members Launched

    ARF (SCLC) Joint Treasury Account Details:

    Bank of America

    Account N0. 446035259969
    Routing N0. 052001633

    CashApp: 301-898-6324

    Zelle: 301-898-6324 (Ambazonia Relief Fund)


  2. Financing is the only apparatus used in fighting for independent nothing less. Any body racing complains again about this subject is just doing so out of ignorance if not stupidity. We have seen other nations achieve this goals but not making efforts to find out how or what they did to achieve that independent. They fought for it using collective strength, intelligent, financial sacrifices and diplomatically. That is what we must do to get there. Thanks to comrade John Mba Akuroh and the rest for that collective initiative. May God be with the people of Ambazonia.

  3. Your boys have decided not to fight but to kidnap and ask for money. French cameroon military is gaining more support than your boys. They have become more of thieves than freedom fighters. On ground zero with tears 😰😰😰😰😰😰

  4. I trust mike Asongwe. I know him personally for years. He is a very clean man. He is an angel. To any one who does not know this man. He is a wonderful human being. I support this 100%

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