Breaking News: Southern Cameroons now Federal Republic of Ambazonian

8 months ago

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Please share this video intensively for our pple to remain in our Land. You won’t imagine that on their way to LRC, a well plotted and ungodly plan was set to killed all Ambazonians entering Lum from Kumba this morning. As reported by one of the passengers, he said they were approached by 5 city council members in Njumbe, who ordered the driver to wait at a particular point in Njumbe, about 3km from the city council hall, as he got to the exact place and was waiting for the city council members to arrived as they were driving behind the bus, the driver stopped the bus per their order. For some reasons, some passengers whom were all Ambazonians in the bus, decided to get out of the bus to buy few things from some nearby huckers. As the city council officials finally arrived, they ordered everyone to entered the Bus and wait for orders, some did and some delayed to entered the bus, one of the council member said they have received orders to make sure that their bus doesn’t gets to Lum, immediately as he said so, one of them set FIRE on the bus. As soon as the bus started burning, they left the scene. Our people people cried out loud for their kids and belongings to be rescued from the fire.

LRC got evil plans my people, please, do not go they we are begging bcs the worst is about to happen. Thanks for understanding.

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Thank God no passenger died.


The Struggle Continues

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