4 thoughts on “Breaking News; The All Southern Cameroons People’s Conference is Finally Here!”

  1. All Southern Cameroons Peoples’ Conference- ASCPC March 29th & 30th


    Be part of this important rendezvous which will redefine how we prosecute our existential struggle for freedom.
    This Conference will bring together all Southern Cameroonians to:

    – Identify the problems which have plagued our existence since we obtained independence by joining the Republic of Cameroon in 1961;

    – Review the social, economic and political factors that led to the 2016 strikes, government’s handling of the crisis, its escalation, the onset of the civil war and the loss of property and lives;

    – Evaluate efforts made so far by government and the people of Southern Cameroons to stem down the crisis and the outcomes (if any);

    – Ascertain the nature and extent of the humanitarian crisis resulting from the burning of villages, hospitals and how refugees and IDPs can be integrated in the overall drive for peace;

    – Chart the way forward to a sustainable peace and the role of the international community in achieving it;

    – Reconcile Southern Cameroons political groups and rally them around this cause for peace, outlining a code of conduct to govern political activities before, during and after the peace process.


    If in difficulties, call +1 301 898 6324

    Intended Outcome of the Conference

    – Heighten international awareness of a conflict which has been treated in the media as simple “Anglophone Problem”. It is a burgeoning war that has become genocidal. The international needs to act to avert another Rwanda.

    – Develop a common strategy for peace within a viable framework for a long-term solution and the role the international community can play within it.

    – Reconcile the different political groups and ideological leanings towards a common or consensus position


    If in difficulties to register, *call +1 301 898 6324

  2. This is truly a decisive and Historic moment for us all. God is surely with us. In my mind, conciliation at this moment is is imperative amr should be topmost on the agenda. Please and please gentlemen, let us keep ego,sentiments and emotions out. We need smart and witty diplomats at this material moment. Let us stop giving dogs bad names in order to slaughter them . With no bias intention, I see comrade Sako witty and smart enough to sail through the lrp needle. My humble opinion please. God bless us all!

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