Breaking News: The British Embassy in the US Says Southern Cameroonians Based in America Can Apply f…

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Breaking News: The British Embassy in the US Says Southern Cameroonians Based in America Can Apply for British Passport through their Office. Those in other countries and at home should apply.

A fervent Southern Cameroons activist, one of whom led a delegation with the Floey Hoag firm to the UN, Ashu Kingsley has just hinted me that he just had a discussions with the British Embassy based in the US. Here is what he has to say;

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“…I just talked with the British Embassy in America and they have not denied all the arguments you made in last your post. They said applications for British Passports are welcome but should go through the UK Naturalisation Office in London. And that if someone’s application is turned down, they have the option of suing the UK at the EU Human Rights Court…”

My Comment: Let me just reiterate that the British Nationality Act of 1981 clearly spells out the six different classes of persons eligible for a British Passport viz British Citizen, British Overseas Territories Citizen, British Overseas Citizen, British Subject, British National (Overseas) and British Protected Person.

We, the Southern Cameroonian people fall under the last category – British Protected Person. A British Protected Person (BPP) is a member of a class of certain persons under the British Nationality Act 1981 associated with former protected states, protectorates, MANDATED AND TRUST TERRITORIES whose external affairs and defence were once under British control [Notice my emphasis in capital letters – Mandated and Trust Territories]. Since the United Kingdom of Great Britain violated UNGA Res 1608, they failed to lead the Southern Cameroons to independence. As things stand, we remain a UN Mandated Trust Territory and therefore British Protected Persons, BPP.

I insist that the purpose for applying for a UK passport must not be to empty into the UK. Rather, its some sort of a diplomatic offensive that constitutes grabbing the UK on its balls and forcing them to align behind the Southern Cameroons struggle. We must force them to complete their assignment as prescribed by the UN Trusteeship Council.

I hear the Ambazonia Governing Council, AGC of AYABA CHO Lucas has started working on this underground sometime ago. Southern Cameroonians in the US, U, Nigeria, China, Europe, everywhere should start applying immediately. I will work closely with Mark Bara to make sure things move further. More on this soon…


From a federalist to a nationalist. The Southern Cameroons MUST be free.

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