1. Sir Foncha, what do u want? We want freedom & whoever has the potentials to do so should not be asking questions to ambazonians but should show us the way to that freedom not condemning any of these groups who are also trying their way out of this mess… can't all of u with all of these wisdom come together and make a concrete force to safe our people from the continuous killings & manipulation on the GZ? OMG!!!! Stop all these insults & merge with ur different knowledgeable actions on GZ pls… "I stand to be corrected in my opinion"

  2. you guys are so childish in your presentations. even those one can feel are mature are loosing grounds due to your lack of wisdom. you insult yourself through the trash you send out in the name of upgrading yourself. you are not even able to liberate yourself .furk u.

  3. 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
    Oh Mr. Fincha where have you been. Ambazonians are DIEING . There are death Bodies all over Bamenda. I have the Impression that These IG are the just for self Financial purposes and the People are been killed. Please don't be Angry, just put your self together and help the Ambazonia People. If Not our People will be wipe away. Tell Ambazonians where this African Union Passport van be obtain . Thanks for saying the truth and Standing by your People. OUR PEOPLE ARE SUFFERING

  4. Bro na which kind stuff u take b4 vomiting all those ur nonsense??? U insult n threatened people??? Anyone related to Ayaba Cho n come b4 the social media platform is a Nyamfuka n bandit…We stand by the IG bigman

  5. County by county is the only way bigman so that wuna no go tif one cent…Ayaba Cho n surrogates them don start cry bcoz no money no di reach them again…Thieves n common blackmailers

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