BREAKING NEWS: Volcano Opens In Front Of Family’s Front Yard! 2018

8 months ago

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35 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS: Volcano Opens In Front Of Family’s Front Yard! 2018”

  1. Any one who stays that could of got out is just an IDIOT. The fumes are bad. They all need to get out.and where are they going? Haven't seen any Fema camps or flights out of there. What's up.????

  2. When this thing blows its gonna blow and knock that ledge into the ocean causing a tsunami 1000 feet high on the west coast.. the rod of God is at work.

  3. ☺😊😀😁😂5smiles Hay at this rate Miami will be the new alantus, and the hill side in California will be new beach front land over the next while should have built a bit out off the green zones 😰.

  4. Love you third phase, never fail to please, we don’t get much news in the UK on what’s happening, stay safe! Big Love from the UK!,🇬🇧❤️💖✨✨🤩😜

  5. In 2003, I went toMexico, about 2hours from Mazatlan (Southwest) and therehad just been 2 events: a volcanic eruption, and a hurricane! It was hurricane “Kenna” and while traveling by boat, I could see the huge, twisted toppled deciduous trees, all kinds of leaning or broken palm trees, mango trees, papayo trees, and I had told my husband I wished I could have a piece of lava strewn about in chunks, and my brother in law, who was driving us, abruptly parked the car, near a curve, and leapt out of the little car, and seemed to dance as he hopped over tons of chunks, and picked up two perfect chunks of black hard lava, and brought them back to me, leaving me speechless, and my husband with a stupid look on his face, as he knew he was now about two inches tall, looking like a heal! Lol. Later, he redeemed himself when he took me, FINALLY after about 10 years waiting to go to the ruins of a Spanish mission in Las Palmas? (Duh…blanking on the name 🙁 Anyway…so I got to collect a few different stone pieces which had fallen from the sides of the structure, (castle maybe) and then in Jalisco, I just randomly bent down and found an obsidian arrow head! I had missed an ancient pyramid in Jalisco on that trip, however, because my husband didn’t want to drive 20 miles to it, on my way from Guadalajara airport, to Nayarit! Nor did I see central Guadalajara! Just the outskirts…Yep…I think it was a power trip, him knowing how important it was to me! But with my Archeology major, I guess I saw what was really important! Next time 😉 but not with my ex this time. Lol

  6. From a spiritual point of view, Great Spirit is in the process of cleansing all non-indigenous entities from Earth. So much for your so-called 'land ownership', Great Spirit will return all lands to the indigenous people of Earth.

  7. Reading many comments about the possibilities of land slides into the ocean creating tsunami for the east coast of US. No main stream media coverage……as per usual……good coverage, thumbs up

  8. Hey Guys. With regards to YouTube taking down the original video with the volcano footage, I have a good idea as to why. If I remember correctly, you also discussed the FEMA barges and how dangerous they may be to the average citizen who submit to them resulting in those citizens (who require help) being detained like prisoners without rights. The new video you re-posted doesn't have that footage. I think you hit a nerve and possible cover-up.  I recommend that you go full bore coverage of these barges and warn the public as much as you cover the Lava flows.  You are RIGHT THERE cameras and all with a huge audience to help spread the word. You would be doing those citizens a favour by exposing the agenda and keeping them FREE. If you can … get camera footage of those barges and expose, expose, expose!!!  Keep up the good work guys 🙂

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