Breaking News; Yaounde’s Day is Here, Biya Amasses Troops to Crush Bamilekes & Bassas!

8 months ago

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Published this 13/10/2018

The civil war in LRC is gradually taking shape as troops are being mobilized to encircle Yaounde, Douala and Bafoussam ahead of the official declaration of election results. Paul Biya will be proclaimed winner against all odds. Calls for ghost towns to be suspended are ill-thought out and should be quickly shelved. The days ahead are going to be very hot and there is every need for Ambazonians to prepare in consequence!


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The Struggle Continues

16 thoughts on “Breaking News; Yaounde’s Day is Here, Biya Amasses Troops to Crush Bamilekes & Bassas!”

  1. Hahaha! All is turning around for the good of Southern Cameroon-Ambazonia. But I keep regretting the innocent ones massacred in Ambazonia and the one that would be massacred there across the Mongo by these mere mortals; blood suckers, vampires who keep believing in the power of occultism as well as the poor manipulated terrorist soldiers of theirs who keep taking to their instructions to go claim innocent lives. Though they have killed and still continuing, the innocent and peace loving people of Ambazonia, I in the Name of the Lord frustrate their evil plans in the days ahead across the Mongo. My fellow people of LRC, if u had never find time to pray for the people of Ambazonia, then please find the time now to pray for your own country, but I don't know what exactly maybe your prayer point. May the good Lord help you people. Ambazonia! The Dawn is here!

  2. Kampto is same like Paul Biya,,why? Both have been chosed by France but using different strategies to deceive the francophones. Cameroon will only change when France loses influence in that country .

  3. Mbah Akuror, i am sn smbazonian and i support our indrpendencr. However, if Biya crackd down on Bassars and Bamis, i would be very happy and i will support Biya, not the bamis. Here is why:

    Firstly, i do not like Kamto because of what he said on Equinox about ambazonia. He said we should surrender because we cannot win the war. This is a man who does not like ambazonia just like many bamis.

    Secondly, the bamid and bassers did not protest agsinst the killings in ambazonia. Rather, many insulted me that we are secessionists and let Niya kill us, they said that it was our fault because we are trying to destroy cameroon.

    Thirdly, strategically, if Bafoussam and Yaounde starts problems, soldiers would be removed from ambazonia and sent to Bafoussam and Douala. In this way ambazonia could import more resources during this period. let the IG wise this strategy and seize the opportunity.

    Finally, note that bassers and bamis are against independence of ambazonia, so after all they would come back to fight us. So it is best we seize this opportunity to gain our independence.

  4. Let someone tell the brave prophet of Ambazonians *comrade JMA*. We love u to Keep the good work to liberate our people, congrats…. Just to add sir, pls tell the Leaders of ambazonians especially our IG to quicken our strategies to gain ground like completely b4 Dec, the regime across the mongo has a plan B to ambazonians irrespective of who sits on their throne… make we shine our eyes & ears ooooo

  5. The Real Man don't go outside thé fight…you are a woman..not a man..just talking…soldiers are waiting you in bamenda or buea .if you are a Man….Come fight..don't stay in Nigeria and just talking like an old radio…your dirty mouth….

  6. Stop playing politics, you surrogate of ayaba, look at how you are rushing over the issue that concerns the killing of ayaba and start laughing like a hypocrite. If you were really that patriotic, you wouldn't watch a so called general Ivo to be killing in your own village and you can't even opened your dirty mouth about it. How much has ayaba played you? Don't ever pretend to say you hate the Cameroon military because it kill innocent civilians when your ayaba is killing his own and ur own and because of a pact you have with ayaba, you can't opened your mouth. What a shame. Please allow us with our one Cameroon if this is the kind of monster you have become. I prefers a united Cameroon than people like you. You don't know what people are going through here. We are in the mids of bullets, day and night one or two persons are killed. Mr john poverty isn't good, get a job and you will be loosed from the grips of ayaba intoxication. The only reason why you don't and can't call ayaba' s name but can easily Call sako or any is because you feel that when you were in disagreement with the anu's , you were supported by ayaba. You are a disgrace to the batibo people. Boys will never slow that to happen to his tribes men. Why? Because the say charity begins at home. What is so difficult to call the name ayaba when you here his satanic act but can easily call other names when you think they have done something wrong. You cannot be trying to delivery the southern Cameroonians when you yourself needs the highest deliverance.

  7. That mouth you are running there doesn't help us anymore back home. Your Satanism has been exposed mr john, you have made no comment about ayaba and his cults members in the name of capo and tapang who made calls to the UN to sabotage every thing toward your so called independence fight. If someone would have taken that move when the monster ayaba was going to get your so called southern Cameroon to be registered in a certain organization, you would have vomited the worst. Very soon the people back homes eyes will be opened and the will stop all of you in the diaspora to a halt and return back to their peace. Who knows if you are not the one sending the so called tapang and capo for this misions. And the worst of it is that you love pretending to always call Gods name when you have no iota of rightness in you when it cone to this issues. I know that ayaba is sharing part of the none with you which he scams from the people. That why you are always tongue tight even if you here that he has killed your mother. Shame on you. The Bible says a kingdom decided amongst itself cannot stand, you said you are fighting for the UN TO FREE UR people, but when some people make calls to the UN to stop very move from another camp working for the same purpose, you get happy about it. Lol, who are you deceiving here? Can you swear here to the dying people that if that move was taken against your pact brother ayaba, that you wouldn't be able to say a thing about it? Chia mr mbah, don't you have some iota of shame in you. It was this same ayaba that started the police here in southern Cameroon to make things worst without any defense power to be able to contained the carnage that is ongoing on our people, and now since he has no solution for it, he has return to be killing and capturing his own very people he claimed to have been fighting for. God may punish you people in a way you might never been able to come back home.

  8. Mr John Mbah , I'm very impressed with ur job , but I have a little issues which I want u to thing off it, do u believe in the leadership of siseko , if do, I which to plead with u to think of this, if u and this people can unit and form a very strong journalism platform to support this struggle , I thing the for ur independence will be shorten ? Take this list of persons which u all have the mass, ; John Mbah, Cris Any, Boh Herbert, Mack Barata, Eric Tataw and Prince J Kall, I wish u people use the power of communication to wine LRC , like TChurima used to change Federation to separatist

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